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What defines me?

What defines me? Is it the place I live in? Is it the people I know? Is it the money I earn? Is it the feelings I feel? Is it the thoughts I think? Is it the body I have? Is it the food I eat? Is it the lifestyle I live?

– None of these things define me. I have no definition.

Because I am not constant unless I chose to be. I am not one particular thing unless I chose to be. I am not this or that, I am not a quality, a description, a mood or an appearance.

You can describe who I am, but I am not bound to your description. You can make me angry, but I am not bound to the anger. You can make me sad, but I am not bound to the sadness. You can hurt me, but I am not bound to the pain.

Unless I chose to be bound. Unless I chose to be limited. Unless I chose to be confined in boundaries suggested to my awareness.

Everything comes as a suggestion. Even the physical stuff that seems to be real is nothing but a suggestion. We chose to make it permanent. We chose to fixate ourselves and our lives to what we see. We chose to perceive in our minds what we see, as unchangeable and constant.

We forget that everything is changing constantly. Every breath is changing our bodies. And yet some of us don’t believe that they can change physically. Every action we make is by choice that most of us don’t see anymore. A choice that is hidden because it was made permanent, unchangeable in our minds. The minute you freeze your choices, you become limited. Your life is bounded by not being able to choose freely.

What makes us limit our own freedom of choice is fear. Fear makes us prefer familiar thoughts, feelings, actions, patterns. We put all that is familiar to us inside our box of choices. A limited physical box with boundaries. We live lives pulling our choices out of that box. We are defined by what is in that box. Because you can define something only if it is constant.

So, What defines you?

– Nothing

Who are you?

– I am Choice – to be whatever I want to be, I am free to move, think, create without any limitations.

Yours truly,

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