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How are you doing?
We assume that we and others are always “doing” something, aren’t we?
But what are we doing?
It might seem sometimes that we are not doing anything, but believe me that we are.

We are always noticing something, concluding and memorizing our experiences and our moods. The way we feel. The way the circumstance we’re in feels to us. We are constantly describing some experience to ourselves putting it in words. But do we need to describe our own experiences to ourselves, do we need words to experience anything? Is it really necessary to describe? to summarize? to conclude?

Wouldn’t I know what is happening right now without describing?

When we find whatever we describe to ourselves not to our liking then what?
We feel the urge to change the situation we’re in, the experience, right?
We want to be somewhere else, transport ourselves into a different experience because this one is not so great. We want at least to be in an okay experience, preferably in a wow experience because we remember how that feels.

But wait, what if we don’t conclude and describe to ourselves every single moment what is happening and in what condition we’re in circumstantially or emotionally.
What will happen then?
Does our experience vanish? Does the circumstance disappear? Do we disappear?
– No.

But the need to change the circumstance will disappear, because then the emotion, the thought, the feeling, become a part of the experience. They become little experiences on their own. They no longer lead to a conclusion that we dislike. Because what we dislike is the conclusions and not the experiences themselves. The experiences themselves are indisputable because they are already here. You cannot change what is already here, you can only choose to conclude to be against what is here.

Focusing on definitions of words, conclusions, and interpretations – causes restlessness.
Stuckness. Meaning is comprised of words with more meaning. Looking for meaning is endless. We believe that we can change the unpleasant meaning we give to things, by trying to fight that meaning, expressing more conclusions about it, expressing our discontent about that something that we disagree with. Living the illusion that if we keep expressing our unpleasant feelings about something that eventually we will make us feel better. We will feel better regardless of what is happening because eventually, everything will pass us by. The question is for how long are you willing to hold on to that conclusion that is making you feel bad.

In the end, no word can represent or describe any experience precisely. The word is too small to describe an experience or an emotion nonetheless a complex circumstance involving many experiences and emotions of many people. But a word or a conclusion of our experience is powerful enough to make us stuck in trying to change that experience, to change something that is not meant to be changed.

Instead, just try to get the most out of whatever is happening in your experience by opening yourself to whatever comes your way without boundaries and without definitions. Experience, allow yourself to learn and move on to the next chapter of your life.

Yours truly,

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