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Stopping From Stopping

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We find ourselves wanting to stop. Because we want to enjoy life and live in the moment. We want to stop our thoughts that make us suffer, take us from this moment, we want to stop our harmful habits. We focus on stopping. How to stop. What needs to be done in order to stop.

But most of the time we doubt our ability to stop. We think that stopping is a process, and we treat it as such. We try to learn how to stop. Take advice from others. Set time limits. And when we fail to follow what we’ve learned and defined to ourselves, we judge ourselves. Conclude that we are incapable of stopping, powerless.

If you really want to stop and you find yourself struggling to stop, the only place you should look for help first is you. Only you can take that first step towards whatever you want. But that step has to be precise and considerate of who you are right now and not who you want to become. If you overwhelm yourself with demands that you can’t fulfill you will feel weak. If you take no step at all, you will continue thinking about stopping for the rest of your life.

What stops us from stopping is that we see doing and change in a form of actual physical actions. But doing can also be expressed in a form of intention, a thought, a realization, conclusion. These are all form of actions, of doing. An action does not have to be a physical manifestation. Setting your mind to do something you can’t, will discourage you eventually. But preparing your mind to do something you want to do in the future, by inspiring, making yourself feel better right now, changing doubtful thoughts to positive ones, will inspire change, will inspire physical actions in the future when you are ready.

So start where you can. Be attentive to what you can think about right now that is uplifting and inspiring, that can make you feel good. Make yourself feel good right now and every time that you think that you can’t do something, by changing your string of thought, and proving to yourself that you can feel good even if you didn’t reach your final destination yet.


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