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This is my life

This is my life, I’m just a regular person. I make mistakes, I fear, I laugh, I worry. My life may seem interesting to someĀ and boring to others, It may seem rich to some and poor to others. Happy to some and sad to others.

Realize that you can say this about anyone out there. This is true about anyone. But if we begin to identify ourselves with one group or the other, if we begin to suffer from wanting to belong to one group or another, if we begin to suffer from wanting to be something we’re not right now because we want to be seen a certain way, to belong to a certain group, our life becomes strenuous. Because then we take sides because we conclude that belonging to a particular group, is being less than belonging to another group and we don’t want to be seen as less in our own eyes or the eyes of others.

We break our own balance by judging, blaming, feeling guilty, because we decide that something is less than something else, less worthy, less deserving, less appreciative. We forget that something that seems like less to someone, may seem like more to another. We are standing in the middle choosing to be seen as less while everything is equal. We chose to suffer by believing that we are less, our circumstance is less than what we want them to be. We believe that the world is unjust because we can see what we don’t have. But how can you see what you don’t have? You can only see what you do have. And still, we persist on suffering about something that is not there.

Everybody has a life. Sure your circumstance might be different, your possessions might be different, the experiences related to those possessions and circumstances might be different, but life is shared with all the living, equally. What makes us different is our perspectives on life. What is fair and what is unfair. What is good and bad. How we see ourselves.

How do you see your life?

How do you see yourself in your life?

How is life treating you? and how do you treat yourself?

Are you fighting, when there is complete silence around you?

Are you suffering about what is lacking, when all you can see is what you do have?

Are you looking to be a part of a certain group or status, because you believe that you’re in the wrong group having the wrong status?

All the desires that you have that come from your dissatisfaction with yourself, others or your life are there to remind you how you see yourself and the world. How something is less in your eyes than something else.

Yours truly,

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