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Who’s moving your Body?
Who’s taking it from a place to place?
-The legs.
Who is directing the legs where to go?

Who’s smelling the flower?
-The nose.
Who’s pointing the nose to the flower and inhaling through the nose?

Who is looking at the flower?
-The eyes.
Who’s focusing the eyes on the flower and looking at every color on it?

Who is hearing the wind?
-The ears.
Who’s focusing to listen to the wind when there are so many noises around?

Who’s is feeling the wind on the face?
-The skin
Who’s noticing the sensation of the caressing wind?

Who is using the body’s senses?
-The mind.
Who is deciding on what sense the minds focuses your attention on?

Do you remember not being able to do something
and then you learned how.

Who learned that?

-The body, the mind.

Who was interested or uninterested in learning?

Do you remember not understanding some word in a foreign language and then learning it’s meaning?
Who learned that?

-The body, the mind.

Who was curious about learning?

Your body and your mind
Your body’s senses.
Are tools.
They are tools at your disposal, available to you 24/7.

In your dreams, in your thoughts you exist, regardless of your physical body.
You are aware of your body and create a belief believing that you will cease to exist without it, while most of the time you don’t even notice it’s existence while being in your thoughts and in your dreams.

You’re not the experience or the tools that allow you to experience.
You’re the one using the tools to experience.

So, Who are you without your body?
Free Will
Freedom to want
Freedom to exist
Freedom from wanting
The Chooser of the experience
The Observer of the experience
The Experiencer of the experience

If you had no words would you still be curious?
Would you still have a will?
Would you still have desires?
-Of course, you would.

Experience the experiencer without the body or the mind by focusing on curiosity itself. Focus on the focus itself. Ponder about what directs your attention and curiosity to the experience. There are no magic strings that pull you toward what you want or what you don’t want. There is only the being that is you, that decides to engage in experiences after being triggered emotionally, or from curiosity.

You are in control of directing your attention, focus, actions, addictions, beliefs. You can forgive your emotions for giving you sadness, grief, suffering. For hooking you on to them and playing with you, leading you blind. You were blind because you thought the world surrounds only around you. Forgive yourself for believing that. Nothing surrounds around you, everything is within you. You decide what is right and wrong, what is allowed and forbidden, what is accepted and denied. You decide about all of that inside yourself. Your Self contains all the experiences of the world and its people through your point of view.

See this simple fact that all your experiences are eventually approved or disapproved inside of you, by you. You give a verdict to everything that comes your way, yourself included. You are the critic of your own movie. The suffering comes from being unable to withstand the experiences of your life because you see them as finite, as wrong. All the suffering caused to you or others comes from a long chain of suffering. Love cannot give birth to suffering, but love has the ability to wrap its infinite heart around suffering and expand itself to a greater heart and greater love as a result.

You are not a string puppet unless you chose to believe that you are one. Unless you choose to believe that you are a victim of your emotions or circumstance. You are that love-heart that fears the world and itself, hanging tight to protect itself from the fears by shutting its heart more and more, each time it fears. It’s understandable. Why should you trust the world, that harmed you,  why should you embrace the people that harmed you.

But then again, why wouldn’t you?

Yours truly,

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