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What you need?

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What is a need? What do you think that you need? Does focusing on what you need distracts you from being at peace?

Most of the time when I find myself needing something, the need is accompanied by feelings of impatience to get what I need, restlessness and sometimes worry for not having what I need, yet. The body and the mind go into this unsettling state of “You are not where you want to be. You cannot rest until you get there”

We put so much importance on things that we want to have to achieve, we define to ourselves that we need those things. And every second that passes us by only reminds us that we don’t have what we want. We then proceed on focusing what we don’t have, feeling more restlessness, impatience to getting where we want to be and having what we want. This becomes our life, a continuous effort to be somewhere we’re not, yet. We pull ourselves from being and experiencing this moment, right now by focusing on the non-existent moment in our minds.

The non-existent moment cannot bring you peace of mind, it cannot bring you joy or comfort, it cannot bring you satisfaction. Simply because of the fact that the experience you’re seeking has not manifested yet, and you are fixating on having something that is not here in your right now moment. Especially if you’re worried about what you don’t have.

We can only experience the right now moment. We can only experience the peace that is right now. You might argue that you can’t always find peace, and therefore it is absent. Peace can only be absent from your existence if your mind is fixated on somewhere you’re not.

Look around you, look at where you are right now physically. Look at your surroundings, your environment. Focus on your immediate wants at this moment. Your immediate wants are your survival wants – air, sleep, food, physical safety. If you have these things, you can focus on the peace that they provide. Peace comes from your current manifested experience, from the environment and the stuff that is already here.

If you focus your attention on what you have you’ll feel immediate relief, for having those things. Take a minute to appreciate air by pondering about the absence of it. Do this with all the things that assure your being at this moment like sleep, food, clothes, anything that provides you comfort to your current physical existence and experience right now at this moment.

Everything that is serving us in our right now moment is made out of energy, including our bodies. We can find peace by simply noticing what we have, by noticing what we have and giving it our full attention, we tune to the energy of the things we’re focused on. This is also called appreciation. We can only appreciate what is already in existence and what will be in future existence for our benefit.

When you constantly notice something that is lacking in your existence, you are trying to sense the absence of it, the absence of its energy. If you think about it and the fact that you are energy trying to sense something that has no energy, what you’re actually doing is trying to bring yourself closer and closer to the absence of energy. You’re trying to pull yourself out of existence. Since existence is made out of only energy and you’re focusing on the absence of it.

That’s why believing that everything¬†you want, and don’t have yet, is missing, feels bad. You’re focusing on the absence of what you want. On the other hand, fantasizing about having what you want, generates new energy. At first, this new energy is in a form of thoughts. But nevertheless, it is energy, new manifested waves of energy that is actually there in existence, therefore it is sensible, and can be experienced by your body’s senses, feelings, emotions.

Being in this moment, right now with what we do have, appreciating what we do have, experiencing life from a perspective of having by simply noticing what is already there, is so much easier than worrying about things that are not there, suffering in our minds from what is not there.

Practicing appreciation moment by moment brings peace because you realize that in every moment of your experience you’re taken care of, by life itself, and perhaps most things that you worry about do not even worth your time.

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