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Comfort vs Peace

Hello friend, I wish I had something to say to you to change your life to make you see who you are, to make you remember who you were, in an instant. But no matter what I say, eventually it will all come down to your willingness to be open with yourself about what puts you in discomfort, suffering, sadness and pushes you to look for a change.

Most of you that seek change, happiness, peace, are easily distracted by the seeking. That is because you think that you are looking for something new. You also believe that the proof of everything that is new and unfamiliar is presented to you by the outside. This way you find yourself depending on everything that you want and don’t have, to come to you.

Most of the things that we think that we want are the result of wanting to feel better. We look for comfort in our circumstances, expect others to comfort us, working and paying for comfort. But what puts us in discomfort in the first place?

Before answering that we need to understand what is Comfort. Comfort is peace – mental, emotional and physical peace. The only thing that can disturb peace is fear. So when you find yourself looking for any kind of comfort, understand that you’re fearing something. Therefore, what puts us in discomfort is – fear.

People looking to change their lives by striving to be at comfort all the time, not understanding entirely the reasons that put them in discomfort in the first place. There are those that will deny the fact that they are afraid because they are afraid to be perceived as afraid or weak not only by other people but by themselves. They will live entire lives running from fear looking to divert their attention to comfort, simply because they choose not to be frank with themselves about what they feel. This way they trap themselves from ever breaking free.

So how can I help you?
– I can’t. Only you can help yourself.

I can only talk about what I did to help myself and what I did won’t necessarily help you. But before I did anything to help myself, I began to be interested in being open with myself about all the things that made me feel bad. I began to be interested in the pride that I had of being right about what made me feel bad, that pride denied me from seeing the deeper reasons for my unhappiness because once you are convinced in your righteousness, the learning stops, evolution stops.

So I became interested in all the fears, beliefs that I had like they were new to me, and I kept asking myself why do I see the world in this or that way, because how I saw myself and the world, how I reacted to myself and the world, put me at discomfort most of the time.

Sure you can surround yourself with things that shine and sparkle, that divert your attention from being at discomfort, but at the end of the day, you will find yourself constantly running to comfort yourself until that specific solution doesn’t work anymore and you need a new distraction, a new thrill, a new addiction, to bring you comfort.

Comfort is not peace, it is a temporary diversion from fear, it is tiring because you always find yourself doing something for it. You’re busy looking for it, working for it, thinking and worrying about it.

You don’t need to look for comfort to find peace. Peace comes for free, as a result of you surrendering to yourself, to your made up self that is comprised of your pride, beliefs, and thoughts that prevent you from being at peace. Once you begin to be honest with yourself about the things that you fear without judging yourself about what you fear, then you’ll allow yourself naturally to be at peace with your fears and as a result, you will see that your fears are nothing but convictions in your mind that are no longer true.

Yours truly,

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