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Many of us want to find peace, to live in the moment. We try different methods to find peace, to relax, like meditation that teaches us to reject the thoughts, like mindfulness that teaches us to concentrate on the breath and observe – the mind, the body, the feelings, and the emotions.

The thing is, that no matter what you do, and what you observe in yourself, it won’t bring you any peace right now, you can spend a lifetime observing something neverending like your thoughts for example without finding peace.

People mistake the now moment as being without thoughts, worries, fears, describe it as pure bliss. Getting to a state of bliss takes practice, dedication, and repetition because developing a skill which allows you to take control over where you put your attention, your awareness, and focus on demand, takes time.

The problem is that we are addicted to the idea that peace is bliss.

Take a look at a tree or anything else in nature for that matter and try to describe its state of being. Pick any object and try to describe its state of being. Everything in existence defaults to being in peace. We have trouble seeing that because we label everything that we see according to what we’ve learned and what we believe in.

When we look at a tree, we immediately start telling a story about it to ourselves. How it looks, how it is moving, what sound it makes, what colors it has. However, a state of being is not about description, it is about being. Being worried, angry, agitated, concerned, troubled, happy, peaceful are our human states of being. Nature has only one state of being and it is peaceful. Even the most raging of havocs in nature is in its peaceful state.

Believe it or not, we are also a part of nature, our bodies, minds, feelings, and emotions default to a peaceful state of being. When we find ourselves in a moment without worries, a peaceful state overflows our being. We don’t take any part in creating this peaceful state, we simply become aware of whatever is already in place.

If peace is found everywhere, then the very fact of seeking it contradicts the statement that peace is everywhere. Meaning that every attempt that you make trying to find peace suggests that peace is not present right now. See where I’m getting? Every time you think that your current state of being is lacking peace, and you decide to embark on a journey to find it – you are focusing on finding something that is already here. By insisting on looking for peace you are denying its existence.

So how does this help me, you might ask?

Peace is pure, it is honest, it is also transparent like a glass. You can choose to see it, or you can choose to see through it and look for it. Since every experience contains peace all you need is to acknowledge the experience in its purest form and you will experience peace.

What does it mean to acknowledge the experience in its purest form?

Every experience that we have is usually accompanied by our reaction to it. Let’s assume that if you’re looking for peace that you’re experience is unpleasant. So what is your reaction to your experience? It might be a strong desire to distract yourself from something that you experience emotionally. It might be a strong disagreement to what is happening in your life. It might be a discontent with your physical or emotional state of being. Whatever your reaction is, it is present alongside your unpleasant experience, preventing you from acknowledging your experience. What you’re actually acknowledging is a need to distract yourself from your experience, disagree with it, and express your discontent about it.

Notice where is your focus in your current unpleasant experience, is it on fighting it? on concluding? or perhaps it is on trying to ignore your experience altogether? You see when you try to ignore or run away from what life is serving you, you are also running away from peace. But guess what – that is okay. Because you can also find peace in acknowledging that you’re running away. All you have to do to return to peace is to acknowledge whatever your most current experience is.

Ask yourself – What is the last thing that is being experienced by me right now?

Your answer to this question has to be pure, honest and precise. The truth as painful as it might be sometimes, it will set you free. You have to admit the truth to yourself about your most current now experience or your reaction to the now experience.

Peace is already here it is just waiting for your sincere acknowledgment of whatever you’re experiencing right now.

Yours truly,

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