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We are Visitors

We have this feeling of relief, when we’re visiting our family or staying at someone’s house for a couple of days, or when we’re staying at a hotel or any place for that matter that is not our home. Once we arrive at a place like this, we feel relieved in a certain way from certain things.

We are relieved because we know that our basic needs are taken care of, such as food and a place to sleep. Usually, we would need to make our own food, make our own beds, wash our own dishes, think about what we want to do next. But when we find ourselves vacationing or visiting, we have the privilege to enjoy the hospitality that is offered to us. We simply enjoy the things that we are offered. Therefore we feel a certain relief from not needing to worry about certain things.

When we physically find ourselves outside of our usual habits for this brief period of time and we are relieved from some of the mundane routines, we rest. We allow ourselves to rest because we know that the place that we’re in, has everything we need and require for our time of staying. We don’t demand more things because we are aware of the things that can be offered to us, and usually, that is sufficient enough for our visit or our staying in such a place. Also, we are aware of the fact that our stay is temporary. We know that we have a place that we can go after we’re finished with our visit here, we can return to a place we call our home. We have this comforting feeling and knowing in the back of our minds that assures us, that we have somewhere to go after our visit here.

There are no requirements from a visitor. A visitor doesn’t need to prove a point, to succeed or to accomplish anything. A visitors job is merely to pay a visit.

We are all visitors in life. Life is where we stay for a while before we return home. This life-hotel if you will, is packed with all sorts of experiences and features.

First of all, you get a physical body to move around in life. Your body’s function is pretty straightforward it will take you from a place to place and it will allow you to experience the world through its senses. Sure some of us will choose to fixate on our body’s disadvantages, but complaining about our body’s doesn’t take away anything from its purpose. If you dislike your body’s condition, shape or color, realize that it is equivalent to complaining about a drawer in a hotel room you’re staying in. No matter how much you complain about the drawers shape, color, or condition, it will still do its job storing your underwear during your stay in the hotel.

We are all paying a visit to our current life experience on earth just like vacationing in a hotel room. We are staying in this huge hotel-room-world that is packed with all these incredible features such as nature, the ability to breathe, smell, touch, see, hear, run, jump, swim, think, feel. This huge hotel-room-world offers an enormous variety of experiences, to which we can say yes or no.

But as it happens we become deeply absorbed in the colors of our experiences to a point that we forget that we are only visitors. We make things serious instead of fun, we compare our own experience with other peoples experiences and fight them to get what they have. We notice that every experience has a beginning and an end and we conclude that we will have an end too. This leads us to experience a different kind of experiences such as lack, greed, victimhood, abandonment. We dive into exploring suffering, fear, pain because we fear to end like everything that ends in this hotel-room-world.

At this point, we identify our beings experience as a finite experience. But how can we remember that we are visitors?  What can we do to remember?

Understand that no matter how deeply we’re involved in experiencing our feelings, emotions, sufferings, thoughts, bodies, circumstances, we can always choose our reaction to any of them. No matter how you react today to your life at this moment you can choose to react differently. Even if it lasts one moment. At that moment you’ve lived a different life. Life is nothing but a collection of moments. A choice is always there. A choice to notice your failures is always there. A choice to judge yourself and agonize over those failures is always there. A choice to embrace the hurtful agonizing self, to comfort yourself and heal is always there.

Remembrance is all about choice. Will I get lost in my own endless judging thoughts or will I notice myself being engaged in responding to my thoughts with more thoughts.

If you chose to notice yourself, you will disengage yourself from what you are busy doing.

How can you be finite if you are the one noticing thinking about being finite? Noticing the thinking mind doesn’t require thinking. The visitor is noticing everything without thinking. Thinking is happening just like everything else in this hotel-room-world. Thinking is just one of the features in this hotel-room-world, just like the body, and just like the air.

We are not the features of this world, we are not the bodies, nor the minds. We simply use the features, the bodies and the minds to experience. The features might be finite, but we are not. We are experiencing beings. The choosers of actions, reactions, and thoughts.

Did you ever notice yourself thinking? Did you ever notice the voice of your thoughts? This is your voice, it is silent, but it sounds like you. The same way that you can stop talking by choice, you can stop thinking. You have only one voice and you can use it silently or out loud taking turns. Train yourself to notice yourself reacting to the silent voice, and with time you can choose not to.

Being a visitor doesn’t require you to react to your thinking mind or your body, or your underwear drawer, you don’t need to fix anything in this hotel-room-world. You can choose to, but you don’t have to. It is up to you.

Yours truly,

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