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What is Time?

What is a present moment? Where does it start and where does it end. Is a split of a second or a whole second? Is it even measurable?

We love measuring things. Everything in our life has size, volume, length, height, width, speed, weight, depth. We measure all the physical stuff. Correct me if I’m wrong but time is the only non-physical thing that we measure. What is time? 🤔 – Time is an idea. 😎

We think that we exist in time because we know we existed 5 minutes ago and we plan ahead what we’re going to do 5 minutes from now. But can you really pinpoint the time that you exist in? Clearly, you do not exist in the time that has passed nor in the future time that is ahead. So in what time do we exist?

Do we exist in the passing time? the passing moment? But then again what is a passing moment? We can observe the depth of time infinitely increasing its resolution to the minute, second, microsecond, nanosecond, and so on. We can’t ever put our finger on the current time and say that we exist in this time. The moment we will try to even think about saying that, that time will pass.

All we can observe is that we existed in the time that has passed. Which brings me to my point that – Our existence is not related to time. We exist out of time. Time is simply a convenient measuring tool, that we all agreed upon, to make our lives easier. We coordinate our communication, travel, meetings using time. We use “time” to sync with the physical world.

But if we exist out of time where would that be? What is this place? How is it called? How can we measure it? Well, we can’t. But the good news is that scientists have a name to that thing which is unmeasurable – It is called – Infinity. That thing that is ungraspable, unmeasurable, with no beginning nor end, simply, always exists in existence, unrelated to anything that is finite like time.

But then you probably going to say – How can we be out of time? We’re not infinite, we will die eventually.

Can you prove that you are going to die? You have only a logical conclusion about death based on observation of the physical world that is measurable. You have noticed the absence of the physical bodies and concluded that this is the end.

With this kind of logic, you can consider yourself already as the walking dead because most of the time you don’t notice your body’s existence during the day, not even mentioning the time you’re asleep. So how is the fact that you don’t notice a body leads you to believe that when a body is no longer noticeable, you cease to exist?

We are – consciousness – that is aware of everything, including the body. There is no proof that consciousness ceases to exist without a physical body. A consciousness that will try to inquire about its own existence from itself will eventually self-realize that it exists out of time, in infinity if you will. The proof of this is not physical and it is not measurable, because it is not graspable by the mind, the same way infinity is not graspable. But the source of this proof is consciousness. The knowing of this can be experienced and it is indisputable because it comes from within. What comes from within doesn’t require proof or seeking.

Humor me for a minute by assuming that this is the truth. If we exist out of time, there is no need to be sorry about the past or worry about the future, because both are not in existence. We exist infinitely in the one and only existence which is the now-experience. The now-experience is out of time, it is a continuous experience and it is an infinite one.

Imagine yourself always arriving and never going away. Always greeting and never saying goodbye. Always loving and never fearing. Always coming and never leaving. Always going with and never going without. Always being clear about everything and never hiding. Always appreciating and never regretting. Always having and never lacking.

When we try to define our experience we have to stop and look back at what was. It is important to stop once in a while to appreciate, to learn, to comfort, to forgive because each of these things pushes us back into the now experience, allows us to move on, sincerely,  with our lives.

But if you stop just in sake of labeling something, clinching onto something that isn’t there, you will be thrown into a different kind of experience, a limiting one that doesn’t feel so good. This is where most people live their lives surrounding themselves with boundaries thinking that they are bounded by time and never stop worrying about getting things done in time before it is too late.

I might come off as indifferent to death and carefree about life, or not serious in general. But isn’t it what being at peace and being free is all about? As silly as it may sound, ask from yourself to be free, to be happy, to be at peace, to be excited about life and keep asking until you get what you want.

Yours truly,

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