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Taking Flight

We cut our own wings before we learn how to fly. We limit our own reach. We set our own boundaries by defining limited destinations. We stop ourselves before we even begin. We think in terms and language that limits our minds and abilities. And then we take action according to the aforementioned limitations and boundaries.

Your every thought, idea, every spark that lights your imagination is immediately introduced to a screening process of your mind that contains doubt, what you believe is possible and impossible, what you believe is real and not. And then you dare to stand there questioning why you have the life you have, why you suffer.

You see, you don’t stand a chance in the first place to break free, to succeed, to feel love, to rest. Every chance of redemption you get in the earliest stages, in a form of thought is screened and declined – by the thinking mind, by your beliefs, by what is “real”.

It is true what they say – “You are what you think“. In every second that your mind is filled with thoughts, you approve only the ones you that you truly believe in. How can you even try to become something else if you’re constantly being reminded about the things that you believe are true, like – lack, unworthiness, and fear.

Our definitions, beliefs, and limitations are making sure that we continue to be who we are right now, and now, and now, on and on. There is no escape from that. People suffer from their own minds while blaming others and their circumstances, never questioning their own beliefs and limitations about those circumstances and others.

If you’ve ever believed that you’ll never learn how to walk, there would be no point for you trying to crawl.

How many things you want in your life but truly believe that you can’t have or won’t have just because you trust your own convictions and beliefs.

Once we’re sure about something that is impossible, we reach our previously set limitation about the subject at hand. At this point, we have two options.

One – continue with your day.

Two – Ask yourself:

  • What makes me so sure that this is impossible?
  • Why did I set this limitation for myself in the first place?
  • How is this serving what I want?

Most things in life we inherit by default from others, like opinions, beliefs, reactions to situations, reactions to emotions, we learned under which circumstance things are possible and under which they are not. We learned how to conclude whether something is possible.

We learned how to conclude.

Ponder about that. How can you learn from observation that is based on other people’s actions? You are not other people. You are a unique being with desires that are unique to your will. How in the world we decide to live with a common agreement about what is possible?

The kid in you knows that everything is possible before he or she even tries to take action. Before we are suppressed by what other think that is impossible for us. Before we are being scared into believing that we can’t. This is painful. We suffer every day from what we believe is impossible for us to have and experience in our lives.

I’m not asking you to dream about flying here, all I’m asking you is to dare to imagine that you can.

Yours truly,

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