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What is Real?

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If I was an impeccable clear, transparent, precise, glass – Would I notice myself?

If I was the empty space that contains all that appears –  the world, the people, my body, emotions, and thoughts, would I still notice myself?

Would I be able to see who I am and know my real self?

If I was to dream, would I know my real self in that dream? or would I need to wake up from that dream to know myself?

If you believe in everything that you see, hear, smell, or touch, if you’re convinced in everything that you perceive, your dream will become your reality and you’ll have no way of knowing that you’re dreaming.

How many times you woke up from a dream only to find out that you were still dreaming?

You won’t be able to wake up from a dream unless you question it, or at least become interested in its authenticity, and most of us won’t question or become interested.

Just because we got used to seeing the world as it is. We are accustomed to the habit of knowing that everything that we perceive is real. We started to develop this skill since the day we were born and we keep getting good at it. Just ask yourself how many times you find yourself thinking out of the box? Is it challenging for you to learn something completely new? Do you find yourself struggling with adjusting to change? If so, this is because you’re holding tight to your assumptions and beliefs of what you perceive as real and satisfying.

Some of us might question reality, but won’t be persistent enough to go all the way to find the truth. I know I tried many times to find it. Once when I was a teenager, later as an adult, and the third time when I was 36 years old. It took me 36 years of my life to reach despair, to break, to want to know what I was missing. It might seem like a long time. But for me now, each awakened moment of my life lasts an eternity. Each and every memory becomes closer to me with every moment as if it happened yesterday. Time is lighter, life is lighter.

Am I the same? – sure I am, the real me never changed and will never change. It is like asking if eternity can change. I am transparent to change, I am the container of change. I am the collector of everything that appears, changes and disappears. I’m the collector of experiences, thoughts, and wisdom.

Life doesn’t need to be rough, a heavy burden, a bunch of do’s and don’ts, limitations, and frustration about not keeping up to achieve whatever you struggle to achieve. You don’t need to fulfill your parent’s prophecy, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You don’t need to please anyone. This is not the purpose of your being.

You just need to figure out what makes you feel good. First, by understanding the real inner why’s that make you feel bad. Once you figure those out you need to allow yourself to receive whatever makes you feel good. Because nothing is preventing you from feeling good but yourself. You know when you feel good being as you are, you make others around you feel good.

Yours truly,

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