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My goal with this blog is to reach and help as many people as possible.

Sometimes we stumble on a video or an article online that shifts our attention or our perspective to something we hadn’t noticed before, this sometimes brings relief or a realization that makes it easier for us to go through the day or even with our lives.

Writing this blog I hope that you stumble on such realizations or moments of relief. I hope that the things that I share affecting you and your life for the best.

If you do find something here that is useful to you, please share what has helped you with others. It might help someone else too like it helped you. Someone out there is always going through some difficulties just like you. Knowing that it is possible to relieve someone from suffering even if just for a moment, or make them focus on themselves and help themselves, makes me want to do what I do non-stop.

Every one of you knows very well what it feels like lacking something, what it’s like to suffer from your own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Imagine that there are countless others out there, hundreds of millions if not more, dealing with what you’re dealing, and don’t have a clue where to begin or that it is even possible to help themselves, to love themselves. So many are detached from their own love for themselves and depending on circumstance to make them feel better.

When you care about yourself, show others that they can do it too. Share your own experience with others or share any of the stuff from this blog or anywhere else that has helped you. Show the world that it is possible to make yourself feel better and heal.

Yours truly,

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