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You are never staying in one place you are always arriving. The past has no effect on your arriving, the only time it has is when you give it permission to come with you wherever you arrive.

No one can ever blame you, only you can blame yourself by convincing yourself that you’re the one to blame. For the same reason, you can never blame others.

You can only judge your past. Even when you judge yourself, you judge your past words, past actions, past decisions, memories, past circumstances. You are always agonizing about who you were, in your arriving now moment. For the same reason, you can only judge others by their past.

Most of the time we live in the past, in our thoughts about the past, that brings emotions into the arriving moment. These emotions trick us to believe that the past is now because we feel the effect of our emotions in our bodies right now. We feel feelings as consequence to our remembrance of the past, right now.

Emotions and feelings can only be experienced in the arriving now moment. These emotions do not represent who we are, they represent the past memories of who we were. By sinking in the meanings of these feelings and emotions, we make new conclusions about ourselves, such as – I’m never going to find love, I’m never going to achieve the success that I want, I’ll never be happy, I’ll never be independent.

We start believing in these new conclusions about ourselves and often forget how we arrived at them. This, in turn, creates new beliefs about ourselves that from now on we are using to react to whatever is rising in the arriving moment.

Become aware of this connection between the past and the arriving now, if you do that, you will never see yourself as a victim of your past ever again. You will never fall back into the pattern of concluding who you are, based on what happened to you.

You are always arriving into the now moment that is fresh and new. Only you decide what you bring with you into this moment. Awaken your mind to what you carry with you from your past that is pulling you down. Awaken to the conclusions that you have about yourself, according to what happened in your past. Realize that you are not the conclusions of circumstances, or your past thoughts because you are always and nonstop making conclusions in your thoughts about your past circumstances.

We are constantly arriving at something new. What seems old, is our past ideas and beliefs about ourselves that we carry with us everywhere we arrive.

Arrive as new everywhere you go.

Yours truly,

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