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Sense Your Self

Do you know how your senses work? Do you know who or what operates them? Do you question their authenticity? – No, you don’t. We trust our senses. Our senses allow us to picture and experience a world that we live in. But how do we do that? How learning operates? How understanding operates?

What is the sense of taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing? – Nobody knows. We simply use our given senses since they are always on.

But there is one more sense that nobody is talking about, the sense that allows you to experience who you are or what you are. That sense is not a physical one, but it can be experienced physically by the body. The same way you can smell a flower, hear a singing bird, watch a sunset, you can experience the true self.

Many spiritual teaching talking about different ways of reaching this experience. Most of which involve quieting the senses and the mind, renouncing any physical experience, ignoring every thought. But what if you didn’t need to do all of that. What if all you need to do is to use the sense that you’re unaware of, to experience your true being and true self.

So, how would you go about doing that?

By understanding experience first. We experience the world by using our physical senses which we understand nothing about their ability to operate. We are just handed this functionality by our bodies. What we do know is that any sensible experience is going through the senses of our bodies leaving its traces, triggering chemicals in our bodies, causing it to react. We focus on those reactions, express them with words, actions, thoughts, learn from them and remember them. But who are we? Who is the one that focuses on the experience in the first place? Can we sense that state of being that is focusing, perceiving the chemical and the nervous system reactions of the body?

How can we sense the one that is focusing on and eventually experiencing the experience?

That which doesn’t have a name or a clear definition but still doing its job 24/7 like the body and its senses. It is important is to understand that this state is experiencing all experiences and has the ability to recognize itself. Thus it is always “on”, as the physical senses, ready to use itself to experience itself.

All it requires is a focus. Not the mental kind of focus where you concentrate, but another kind of focus where you release the need to concentrate or perceive anything because you already understand that the mind is not doing any of the perceivings nor the understandings, the mind is just the middleman between the senses and the true experiencer. Hence no mental work or realization is required. Instead, use your innermost sense of curiosity to inquire into that which allows the inquiry to be expressed toward itself.

The state of being home, in bliss, happiness, at peace, that state that comes before during and after every experience experienced is there waiting to be rediscovered by curiosity. A sincere childhood like curiosity. The sense of curiosity.

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