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Why I Am Here?

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From time to time I find myself pondering about this question and I would like to share with you my latest insights on this subject.

I used to believe that the reason for being is having a purpose and partially I still believe that this is true. However, like many of us, I used to think that there is one only one great purpose for my being, such as a particular career path, a lifestyle, a realization of one grand idea. This kind of thinking is what makes people persist in doing what they do. Not that there is anything wrong in being persistent. But, soon enough when we methodically repeat something over and over, playing our role, fulfilling our daily functions, going towards something, satisfying our defined title – a “Mom”, “Dad”, “Manager”, “Artist”, “Service worker” we forget that there was a point in our life that we agreed to play that role and take that title. We have made a choice.

As time passes by, we get absorbed in the details of our path, in our jobs and roles that we are living. We stick to our path no matter what. No matter how we feel, no matter where the path takes us we feel responsible to stick to the plan, persevere and come through as we intended at the beginning of our path. We almost never stop to notice if our desires are the same if we are the same as we used to be in the beginning. We change inside, but few adapt to that change on the outside. Most will do everything to keep things as they are. Persist in pursuing the current lifestyle, even when deep inside we feel that it is not making us happy. We chose to ignore that feeling by denying ourselves thinking about it.

So why I am here? Am I here to persevere living in my own created discomfort? Am I here to try to adapt to circumstance by bending to rules and beliefs? Am I here to pursue and fulfill an idea that doesn’t feel right anymore? – I am sure that I’m not.

Everything is changing constantly, our moods, thoughts, emotions, desires. We want to live a purposeful life and yet, many times we get lost and forget about ourselves while trying to fulfill our defined purpose. We abandon ourselves to the details of our plan, somehow the plan becomes more important than we are.

What if there is no “one purpose”, what if there are many. What if there is no need to seek for them. What if they just appear in the process, as we live our lives. What if there is no obligation to follow through any of our defined goals. What if sometimes the goal is to not follow through.

What if the purpose of it all is just to experience? everything, even failure. If that is the case wouldn’t you want to be emotionally free from the responsibility whether you succeed or not? Whether you are up to someone’s standards or not? Free from worrying not living like everybody else. Free from the obligation to prove anything to anyone.

My only obligation is towards supporting myself and being there for myself throughout any experience. I am here to be attentive to the emotional, physical and mental discomfort, and effortlessly turn it to comfort by releasing any false idea that I have about depending my happiness on anything but myself.

Why limit yourself to one purpose when you can live a multi-purposeful life? Just look back on your life and see that every experience that you had served a purpose even when you didn’t define it.

Yours truly,

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