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The search for peace, freedom, abundance, happiness, bliss is merely a byproduct, a side effect of being enlightened. Enlightenment is knowing your mind outside of your mind and realizing that the truth is not in your thoughts or experiences.

So many of us concentrate on seeking and finding what feels good and liberating, looking for relief, joy. You need to understand that all these words are simply interpretations of feelings and experiences. Feelings and experiences come and go. As much as we’d like them to stay when they feel good, eventually they are replaced by other feelings and experiences. Because everything evolves and changes nothing stays the same. Our tendency to cling to a preferred feeling or experience makes us stuck in our reality.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t desire to feel good, all it means that it is not your responsibility to fix or change what is already has been created for you in this moment. What you feel and experience right now is already here. You don’t have to accept what is already here as if it was a punishment or fate or a burden, you simply need to allow it to be, to pass. If you interpret what is here as unwanted, then you are ignoring and fighting the already created now. Realize that you cannot change what is already created, and your fighting cannot touch the now. The now is untouchable. It is absolutely misguiding to think that you have the power to change or to fix the already created experience. All fighting does is creating an intent for future experience to come that will serve you in the future.

Enlightenment is the knowing of truth beyond your mind about who you are, not as a person, not as an experience, not as a feeling, simply a pure knowing of truth about you being in this moment. The byproduct of this knowing might bring different experiences such as peace, freedom, joy, relief, safety, abundance, happiness, and so on.

Our seeking to experience a particular physical or emotional experience is our way to summon a different reality into our lives, which works only to a certain degree. Once you create an intention and your belief system supports it, you will most definitely experience at one point or another, what you want, not necessarily on all levels, but at least on an emotional level. The thing to understand is that whatever you want to summon or create for yourself, is eventually manifested and expressed in “reality” via emotions, feelings, your body, circumstance, physical stuff, all these things are¬†eventually subject to change, or to pass since they never were a constant in your life.

What appears can disappear or change into something else. Once you decide to depend on something that has the potential to pass or change, you enslave yourself mentally or emotionally to that something. Many seekers find themselves focusing on creating an experience instead of self-realizing the truth of their being.

What is the truth of our being and how it can be realized?

Well, certainly not by looking to experience something. Once experience happens, all you need to do is inquire about whether that experience is you or you are simply the noticer and the observer of that experience.

For example. When you take the time to meditate or to be mindful, a thought or a feeling may arise. Prove to yourself that you are the noticer of everything that arises by noticing that you are, therefore, you are not that which rises in your awareness. We’re aware of everything that comes and goes, that which goes cannot be I, because I, stays and continues to be aware of everything.

The path to enlightenment is via choice and awareness. The choice to be enlightened may come from the mind but as you keep inquiring about your true being understand that everything that the mind represents – thoughts, beliefs, dreams, convictions, truths – is all observed and noticed by something that has no name or shape. You may call it whatever-¬† awareness, intelligence, emptiness, space, self, or God but the most important things to understand is that you’re not looking to discover something new, you’re not seeking to be wowed by some miraculous experience, you’re not going to see god in some shape or form, you are simply going to be taken back to your innermost place that might feel like love or home.

That feeling may represent what you are looking for, but remember that you are aware of that feeling and like every other feeling and experience that feeling has the potential to pass. So look deeper by inquiring about who is noticing this. State to yourself that you are simply aware of this experience. Do that until you free yourself from clinging to any experience or thought until you are in the most inner place of your being.

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