Since many of my readers are emotional/energetic healers and therapists I thought I’d share a few realizations I had about healing.

For me, healing can occur only by experiencing being in a safe place. You need to feel physically and mentally safe. Providing a safe place can be as a result of a dialog, environment, thoughts, trust, positive emotions, that are transmitted from the healer. Of course, the healer can also be the person that is in need of healing.

Feeling safe is what allows healing. When we feel safe we can be with our fears and emotions with our full attention, not diverting our attention into thoughts and conclusions about fear and worry.

Being safe provides an opportunity for the body and the mind to relax. Usually, when we are going through emotional turmoils and fears, we cringe, contract, try to become smaller, to ignore what we think about. We try to disappear in a sense. This, in turn, creates a reaction, an imprint that our minds and bodies remember. This denies from whatever we’re going through to go through us, making this energy stuck in our psyche and physiology causing us suffering. Safety provides a calmer state of being that allows an opportunity for mental and emotional energy to be resolved.

You see, healing is not about words or thoughts or rituals. It is about releasing the energy of the mind (thoughts), the body (pain), and the emotions (false beliefs), allowing it to go through us. Once you provide yourself or allow another to provide you with an environment in which you feel safe, self-healing can occur. Eventually, healing comes silently from the self, it may result in mental realizations when you allow yourself to be emotional with whatever rises because you know that you are safe.

If your mind is trying to tell you otherwise, divert your attention back into the safe mental and physical environment that you’re in. Experience being safe with your troubling thought, fear, physical or emotional discomfort. No other focus is required from you other than bringing yourself back into relaxation and safety everytime your attention is diverted from being safe and relaxed.

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