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Everything heals when we stop. If we stop polluting, the Earth will heal, the oceans will heal, forests will heal. When we stop hurting one another our souls will heal. When we will stop hurting ourselves mentally our minds and bodies will heal.

Everything in the universe, when left to its own device, is constantly trying to find balance and heal. The Earths atmosphere, nature, our bodies and of course our minds are trying to find balance. The reason we are so restless is that because we’re trying to find peace.

All we need to do is to stop reacting to negative experience the way we do. When we actually stop it doesn’t mean that we won’t be distracted by negativity, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be pulled towards suffering, towards hurting, towards worrying. Suffering, hurting, worrying are also indications of healing when you stop. When you break your arm it heals although it still hurts and If you stop using your arm it will heal much faster. If you try using your broken arm it will hurt indicating that it wants to heal.

The experience comes first. Whether the experience is – physical, emotional or mental it doesn’t matter, what matters is that whether we stop reacting the way we are used to reacting to our experience. When we stop our conditioned destructive reacting pattern, healing begins. Healing is natural, it is the way of the universe to get back into balance.

We mistakenly perceive our current experience as unchangeable. We are scared into believing that this which happening right now has the potential to stay. And it does, if we persist to focus on the fact that it will stay. Being afraid is believing that the suffering is not going anywhere.

Being afraid comes as a result of making negative conclusions about our current experience. Concluding about how we feel physically and emotionally based on the current beliefs that we have.

What most don’t get to experience is that when you stop your conditioned negative reactions, you find a sense of peace. However it is important to remember that when we stop, our current experience won’t necessarily change, the same thoughts, circumstance, emotions are probably going to be experienced for a while. But if we give our intention to stopping then as a result of stopping we can sense peace. As a result of not reacting the way we’re used to, we will give ourselves the opportunity to experience relief which will lead to healing.

But how can one just stop? diverting attention to peace is not so obvious when your mind is bombarded you with thoughts and the body is overflown with emotions. In order to stop we need to change our perception of ourselves first.

Try this – Close your eyes. Notice your current experience. Notice your thoughts about your experience and how you feel. Ask yourself – Where are the thoughts and emotions? Can I pinpoint their physical location? Where is the beginning of a thought or the emotion that I feel? Where is it anchored? From where it comes from?

Thoughts and emotions have no anchors. The emotional and mental experience itself has no sense of location – everything appears out of nowhere. There is no point A reaching a point B in terms of thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions just happen, they are not coming from you or out of you, they are presented to you. From where? – You don’t know. What you do know is that they are not coming from you because if they did you could have pointed to their source. The same goes for suffering.

Isn’t that a relief to know that the thought causing emotional suffering doesn’t have a physical source. You may come up with a reason for it’s being, but you won’t find its source. Meaning you are not the source for your suffering. Suffering is independent of you. You don’t need to fix yourself or anyone else for suffering to go because it has no reference point that you can address. You don’t need to destroy it. But why do I keep suffering?  you may ask. The only thing that ties suffering to you is a thought or a belief that doesn’t have an actual reference point or a source of its own also. When you realize that you are free of responding, reacting to thought or suffering you find peace at that moment.

When you begin to contemplate about the source of things you quickly come to experience that the being that you are is only presented with experiences that provoke feelings and emotions. The emotional experiences have no anchors or starting points, no reference, no location. You can simply rest with this knowing right now, that you are free from responding and reacting to any emotional experience.

We create ties between the physical experience and ourselves. Those ties are beliefs, thoughts, fears that provoke emotions that don’t allow us to move on, to heal, to change and most importantly to stop reacting to experience the way we do. Realizing that the things that “prevent us from stopping” are not originated from us, they are not coming from us, means that they don’t control us.

We are free before we decide to believe that we are not. By holding to the belief that we are not free, that we need to fight something, that something needs to change so we can be free is what prevents us from healing. See that everything that you choose to believe is real, has no source, no origin, only your conviction that it is true because you chose to believe it is.

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