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Some call it grace, some call it love, some call it bliss. For me, it is the most kind, safe, reassuring state of being I have ever experienced. Like when a child surrenders into its mother’s hug. Time doesn’t exist for you when you are taken care of. You don’t have to hold your guards simply because you don’t have any. It is like when someone offers you a hand at the very exact moment when you need it the most. Only now you are being held in that hand constantly. Not because you’re incapable or in need, but because you are supported. You are supported only because you are being you.

We are used to micro-focus on life with our ideas and beliefs about life, this creates a constant level of stress, not the kind you would necessarily notice on a daily basis, but still, it is there. It is there in everything you put your attention on. Your partner, your work, your boss, a stranger. A grown-up person has already developed ideas and beliefs about everything that he or she encountered and experienced in life. We are forced into creating opinions, taking sides, knowing the meaning of the things that our lives revolve around. We do it because we don’t want to be left out, we don’t want to miss out, we don’t want to be perceived as ignorant, indifferent, we want to be in, accepted and appreciated.

Those ideas that we hold in our minds about everything are there even when we don’t notice them, mentally we no longer manage them but they are there emotionally. The sides and points of view we have chosen to adopt as our own are deeply embedded in our beliefs and doesn’t require maintenance. However, everything we have an opinion about can be felt energetically. Some energies are felt as a tension which is there on a daily basis just because when we wake up in the morning we are reminded energetically of our beliefs by our surroundings.

Suddenly we wake up and feel bad, before anything happens, and before we’ve talked to anyone. We hold energetical ties to everything in our being. When we chose to have a judging opinion or a point of view, it turns to a subconscious form, it turns to belief. We’re not aware of it but we feel its tension, its energetical pull.

Everything is surrounded by beauty, made out from bliss, already perfect. But all these subtle negative energies are keeping us from seeing this bliss, this kindness, this grace that we’re in.

When you ask to be free, to be at peace, to be loved, protected, taken care of, you are distancing yourself from all those things simply by requesting to receive what you believe you don’t have. You validate to yourself that you are not free, not loved, not at peace, not, protected, not taken care of. And then you wait, and wait and wait some more. You wait for the things that you’ve decided that you don’t have to come to you. No one can blame you. Your vision and senses are preventing you from seeing the truth. This is where the path to awakening begins and it can take quite some time because we are convinced in the idea that one must walk a path towards enlightenment.

The idea itself is a false one and as long as we’re convinced in this truth, we postpone our awakening to a later date. We might taste it but then we get back to our old ways of being.

The one that drops all assuming is immediately awakened to the truth of its own being. There is no need to transcend, to replace, to change anything. Everything is included in the truth of your being. Everything is loved. Even hate is loved. If you relax into hate by letting it live, it will dissolve into nothingness from which it came from. Respond to hate, and you’ll draw more of it. Practicing being without assumptions will allow you to see your peace, kindness, and bliss.

You don’t need to believe me, this is not spiritual teaching, that I want you to follow. This is my experienced truth of being. As it happens it is the truth of many others, and among them are spiritual teachers and healers. Don’t assume that this is the truth, don’t say – IF. Don’t say you’ll try it just so you can find out if this is true. Coming from doubt will bring more doubt and the search for proof will be endless because of it. Do it because you’re curious, to see and experience the truth of your being first hand. Because you’re tired if relying on beliefs that are not yours, to begin with.

Just allow yourself to be with your experience, observe your thoughts and emotions go beyond the point that you’ve ever allowed yourself to be with your thoughts and emotions. Be curious about what happens not by assuming that you know what will happen. Be curious from a place that wants to find out on its own, to experience what is it like first hand, wouldn’t you like to find out?

Yours truly,

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