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An old man is looking at his bills and worries about them never stop arriving. A middle-aged woman applying various skin products to her skin and worries about getting old. A young man working overtime trying to prove his worth worries about making a career for himself. A high school teenager observing popular peers and worries about not being accepted by others. A young boy playing with toys witnessing his family financial problems and feels sad about not having the toys he likes.

Our spirit is broken so many times during our lives that we don’t even bother to keep count. What we do is focus on what is next, what is next in our future. We see no point dwelling on those negative experiences by instantly walking away from them. The next breath or the next moment or later this day is not important anymore as we strive to disconnect from the now as much as possible and got to the imaginary mind that repels the current experience in favor of some distraction.

When we worry we may understand why we’re worried, but we don’t accept why. We deliberately chose to ignore this unpleasant experience and distract ourselves from it. These are our own feelings in our bodies I’m talking about here, our own experiences. Self-abandonment and the disconnect from self is a deliberate conscious decision.

When the body or the emotions asking for your attention, where are you turning your attention to? Who are you thinking about? What are you thinking about? What time are you thinking about? Are you in the present? If you’re not in the present moment just notice the pain because it is currently and always found in the present. There is no next to your pain, it is now. When you think about your past pain and you feel hurt, you’re not experiencing the past pain you’re feeling your current new pain, thinking about old memories.

We are turning to the next thing that constantly disconnects us from our current unpleasant experience. But the current experience is always sufficient enough for our wellbeing if only we give it a chance. But we don’t, because we’re looking to feel better immediately.

Would you believe me when I tell you that you don’t feel good only because you reject your experiences and feelings?

What is now is here and experienced by you, everything else is imagined and believed to be true. The problem is when you find yourself believing in some truth that makes you feel bad and you continue to believe in it. When we worry we don’t allow ourselves to experience that, we go about thinking other thoughts – ignoring, or we are looping through our current thoughts that make us suffer.

Being with what is – Does not mean accepting suffering or pain, that is only your conclusion or a thought when you think about accepting what is. Being with what is – is not interfering with new or old thoughts or conclusions about what is happening. Suffering comes from feelings and the mind. Remove the mind from the equation to let the feelings resolve into relief by themselves without any intervention from your mind.

Notice what thoughts manifest pain and suffering. Notice why do you think those thoughts, what beliefs you have. Notice yourself thinking those thoughts. That place that notices is the chooser of what is next.

The only next there is – is the one that is already available filled with love and accessible to you in your current experience. It lacks nothing. It is a self-sustaining and self-sufficient experience. You can get a sense of it by imagining yourself not wanting anything right now or imaging having everything that you want to have right now. But what if you don’t fall into either category, which is true for most of us. If that is the case you are deeply involved, worried and bothered by what is next to even begin to experience your true self. Start by noticing the thinking mind and giving priority to the current moment that exists and not the one that is thought about.

If you’re bothered too much by your current experience and looking for urgent ways to change it, try to recognize the peace that already exists in what you do have. Recognize that what you do have is not up to any standards, it doesn’t have to win competitions or require permissions from you or anyone to exist. What you have is already existing in peace. Every object and space you’re in is already in peace. If you don’t see this it is only because your mind is not in peace. Ask yourself who or what provides the space for your mind to be in? That space must be peace otherwise your mind wouldn’t be able to be the way it is – restless at times and calm at other times. The mind can only rise from a peaceful place. That place and space are you. Experience it by asking who or what provides the space for whatever is right now in your experience.

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