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Floating – Meditation

I’m floating.

Since I’m floating I do not need to hold on to anything.

Not even a thought.

I don’t require a concept that will tell me who I am, because I don’t want to hold onto a concept that will limit my freedom of floating.

I’m unbound, unchained from everything that I think I’m bound to.

It is scary sometimes to find yourself, like this.


But then you discover that you’re still here.


Circumstance has no boundaries unless you believe that they can bound you. Unless you believe that you can’t be without circumstance or preference.

You are before preference.

Before choice.

And yet we keep making choices that bound us to circumstance.

Experience and see yourself as a floating awareness of everything that is happening by not holding on to everything. Allow yourself to be detached from believing that your existence has anything to do with experience. Experience is a by-product of existence. Float through it, with it, knowing that you’re not attached to it, not bound by it. Free.

Yours truly,

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