There is no effort in experiencing an experience.
The effort comes from reacting to the experience.
Experience being the circumstance, emotions, thoughts, feelings.
Experience is a part of being which is effortless.

There is no effort in being, in existing.
There is no effort in being, thinking a thought, feeling a feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling.
Effort – is merely our reaction wanting to change what appears, and that is experienced sometimes as suffering.

By freeing yourself from reacting you free yourself from the effort involved in changing what you don’t like. That gives you an opportunity to see clearly the things that you object to, disapprove of, suffer from.

Stop yourself from reacting and you’ll begin to awaken to your convictions and beliefs that make you suffer.

Sometimes it seems that we do not have control over our reactions, they simply happen because of the way that we are already wired. However, every reaction can be observed and therefore can be stopped at that moment that you observe it and with practice, it will dissolve. The only question that remains is what would be your preference when you observe your effort? Will it be to follow the already wired patterns that slave your freedom or will it be to wake up to your convictions and beliefs that make you suffer.

There is no need to react by fighting what is already here. Instead, react by stopping, staying in peace, not giving up to seduction that pulls you into reacting the way you do.

If you find yourself already reacting the way you usually do, then again don’t fight what is already here. Be effortless by choosing compassion and grace towards yourself. See yourself reacting to what is already here and choose not to go the obvious route. Choose to be effortless to what is happening in every existing moment whenever you are aware of that moment that makes you react with effort. Always react to the now, to what is now, because it is the only time you exist in.

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