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Do more of what you love

Do more of what you love. Love is the only truth there is. The mind will tell you otherwise. This knowing of the mind comes from fear. Doing what you need, doing what you want comes from the mind and most of the time it comes from fear. Fear of the mind is not the truth. Fear of the mind is not real and yet we choose to believe it is. We interpret the feeling of the imaginary fear as real because we feel it in our bodies and then we conclude that this is the truth because we feel it.

This is the opposite of the truth. The only truth there is love. Do what you love. Do more of it right now. Don’t postpone what you love. Don’t substitute what you love for what you think you need or want. What you love is your direct access to the truth, to your inner truth, to your happiness to your abundance. Do more of what you love.

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