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The Mind

The mind holds patterns of thought, beliefs that drive patterns of behavior. The mind doesn’t require resolution. You don’t have to do anything to settle your mind. The mind is there for you. It can’t make you do anything. When you step outside of your mind, it doesn’t mean that your mind disappears. It is there participating in every experience. You don’t have to look inside your mind for anything. The mind doesn’t keep things from you. It is transparent to you, accessible to you. Helpful. It holds your ideas and beliefs about everything. Including the ideas and beliefs that scare you. The mind is not the enemy, it is apart of you. If you choose to run from your mind you chose to run from yourself.

Sometimes being in your mind might seem to you that you’re pinned into a corner, left with no options. This is also an idea, a thought, a belief, a conclusion, that is recorded by your mind. It is chosen and identified by you like any other idea or belief that you consider to be true. The mind cannot grasp the being that you are because when you seek for your true being in your mind, all you’re doing is chasing thoughts like a dog chasing its own tail.

On the other hand, when you try to understand the concept of the mind when you try to grasp the mind, to look for it, to understand its shape location, magnitude, you see that the mind is transparent to you and it is almost non-existent. It keeps no secrets. It is immediate in its accessibility to you. It is an important tool in your existence. Provided by existence for you and not against you.

Next time you feel intimidated by your mind and you’re scared, remind yourself, by letting your mind remind you what role it plays in your life.

In time you will get to know yourself beyond your mind if you want to.

Yours truly,


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