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What is the truth?

The truth that we hold in our minds believed to be the truth merely from observation, from stories.

Some stories scare us and because we don’t like how fear feels we decide to avoid this or that story just in case it could be true. Doing so we subconsciously program ourselves to act as though this or that story is real and true. Inevitably with time, those stories become true in our mind, simply because we respond to them as if they were true.

Do you remember being told for the first time about death? Do you remember knowing intuitively that you are deathless until you were told otherwise?

The moment we started to believe that we are going to die we sank deeper into our minds and bodies. Spending more time in our minds thinking about our future, survival, concluding from circumstance. Being affected by circumstance like never before falling deeper into believing what we fear to be true.

You don’t need someone to tell you what is true. You don’t even need to observe the world to know what is true. You don’t need to bother yourself fearing what is true or not true. Why would you spend time fearing and believing in something that feels anything less than love?

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