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Take Time Out

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We all do it, we all take a timeout when we take a break or a vocation from what we’re usually doing to rest, to re-evaluate things perhaps. Even in sports, there is a timeout from the game that is being played, to regroup, to strategize the next move, or simply to rest.

But I’m not talking about that kind of timeout, I’m talking about taking a permanent timeout, by taking time, out of the equation of your life.

You see, the idea of time has very strong and sometimes heavy implications on our lives. We find ourselves being slaves to time, limited by time, carrying this burden of getting things done on time when in reality, time is merely an idea.

Contemplate about the non-existence of time, you surely can agree that there was a time in your life that you were not aware of the concept time. Because that’s all it is, time is a concept. And as we grow older that concept is limiting, pressuring, and making us worried more and more.

Take a permanent timeout from time, at least think about how it would feel like living like this, and while you’re at it, don’t think what is next because there is no time, and don’t think for how long you have to keep doing this, because there is no time.

Every time you go back to your unwanted old habits is because you put a time limit for change to happen.

Every change you ever made in your life happened in an instant that cannot be measured or stamped by time. Change is beyond time. For change to happen all is needed is to letting go of the old, no new effort is required. Let go of the old limiting perception of time and find out for yourself what’s it like.

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