To the drifter in time
Explorer of thought
Discoverer of emotion
Of thrill
Of Happiness
Of Sadness
Of Life and Death
Of Compassion
Of Gratitude
Of Humility
Of Love

You are the adventurer of all there is to experience, everything that is eternal and finite.

What makes you curious is your child’s innocence.

You are the preserver of life because you want it to last.

What makes you human is your courageous, loving and fearful heart.

When you face life remind yourself that you’re human before and after everything happens.

You’re not a victim to your past or current emotions and thoughts you’re just curious to see where they lead you. The minute you become satisfied with your findings, you move on.

Observe and follow your curious nature. Get to know what rocks your boat. This is you. Know yourself. Explore everything with a curiosity of a child. See that nothing is that bad unless you’re casting blame. Blame will blind you from being with your hurtful heart.

Try to be with what matters the most to you when it hurts.

All we do is try and hope that things will turn out the way we want. When we forget that, we live life attempting to fix it.

Give it your best shot and enjoy trying.


Happy New Year!
Yours truly,

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