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It’s not like feeling two feelings at the same time. It’s allowing yourself to be uncomfortable, and by doing that you are relieved from all of the automatic reactions to your discomfort.

The cringing of the body, the worrying thoughts, that trigger emotional discomfort all disappear because you allow yourself to be where you’re at, physically mentally and emotionally. You don’t need to agree with your discomfort. You don’t need to worry that it is permanent. This is not a compromise that you decide to live with for the rest of your life. These are all thoughts. Instead simply allow yourself to be as you are right now alongside everything. Allowing the current experience.

However, when we feel discomfort we might find ourselves in a situation where we feel the need to save face or appearance, but every effort to do so will only create more discomfort. Opening yourself to discomfort might seem vulnerable, unsafe, even fearful at first. However, if every single experience will be allowed to be experienced as it is by you, every single effort in that experience will disappear.

You don’t need to be brave, to live to certain standards, to accomplish anything to be in comfort. Life is already in and around you without you trying to exist.

We get addicted to good experiences, sometimes fighting for them simply because we think that the bad ones hurt us. But guess what, there is also comfort in getting hurt, scared, or sad. When you allow yourself to be hurt not holding onto victimhood or pride, you discover that you’re still there. You are home, effortlessly without trying to be there or fix anything, you’re just comfortably there with your discomfort.

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