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Let there be MAGIC

It has been a while since I’ve written anything, so I thought about writing something. But nothing interesting or new has appeared that is worth writing about.


What a funny word. Guess I’m going to write about stuff that appears. Stuff like thoughts, emotions, circumstance. Our daily changing reality appears around and inside of us in different shapes and colors. The minute we open our eyes something appears. Thoughts and emotions appear regardless of seeing or hearing. It is like they have a life of their own, and they impose themselves into our life.

Appearance is a subject I’m contemplating about recently and I find it very interesting. What is appearance? For something to appear it must come from non-appearance otherwise that something will always be there in our reality or at least in our awareness. However, we are constantly presented with new stuff that appears. It is not possible to keep track with everything that appears, so we let go of many things that appear.

By letting go of being aware of something does it mean that, that something has disappeared? and If it did where did it go? Or more importantly from where did it come in the first place?

We come up with logic and associations that explain every appearance in our lives, but rarely we contemplate about the true origin of an appearance.

For example, What is the origin of thoughts? We all have them but can we define them? The minute we try to we just create more of them. Thoughts are not floating bubbles in our minds. The floating bubbles is a thought. It is like asking what are paintings? You can give examples of the characteristics of different paintings and styles, but painting as a concept has no particular shape or color. A painting can be any shape or color just like a thought.

But unlike thoughts paintings originate from canvas, paper, or some kind of surface. From what surface do thoughts originate from? I’ll give you an even better one – From what surface does matter originates from? From where stuff and matter appear?

To answer this you need to strip the world and the mind out of everything in order to reach the surface of everything. Erase all the colors from the painting until you’re left with a surface on which it was created.

The traditional approach of science to find the origin of things is to split that thing to tiny pieces or particles. We think that by splitting what we call matter we will find out about its origin. But how absurd is that because it is like taking a painting and cutting it to the smallest pieces possible. No matter how many times you cut the painting you will never get to its origin because its origin (the surface on which it was painted on) hides beneath the color of each piece you cut.

The same goes for us, in order to find out who we are we need to strip everything that is known to us because everything that we know about ourselves is learned. That means that the thoughts and the assumptions that you have about yourself are learned and believed to be you, by you. But what happens when you erase all the colors that you believe to be you? Forget just for a minute about everything. What surface remains then? What is it like? What remains when you strip everything and reach the surface, a base that can’t be stripped any further or made disappear.

There is no existence nor experience without some sort of a surface or a base to appear on or inside of. What is that base from where everything appears? The answer to this question will not come in a form of a shape, a thought or a sound, any of these are just colors that are painted on the surface of your being. The surface of your being contains everything, every thought, shape, color, wave, and particle in existence.

To know and to experience this truth is something that every person can do on his/her own via contemplation, meditation, letting go of thoughts. So if you’re interested to see for yourself just allow what you already know to be revealed by forgetting everything that has ever appeared in your life (including thoughts and beliefs) for a few minutes.

Yours truly,

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