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The price of Freedom

When was the last time you were Innocent, Vulnerable, Faithful, Courageous, Trusting?

We sacrifice Innocence for suspicion, Vulnerability for boundaries, Faith for fear, Courage for routine, Trust for securities.

And then we find ourselves waking up to misery and sadness in our lives. The path we walk on becomes as narrow as a tightrope. Any slight diversion from the path is causing us pain, fear, and suffering. But if we’re lucky, we begin to ask why we suffer.

We suffer because we have traded Innocence, Vulnerability, Faith, Courage and Trust for other things that we believe are better for us. But instead of making our lives better those things limit our freedom.

If every single person in the world could find peace right now there would be no need to be suspicious, to set boundaries, worry about securities, sink in the routines or even fear anything. The problem is that almost everyone is unaware of the limitations they have created for themselves and if you can’t see the cage that you’re in, you won’t be able to break free.

But if you start asking questions and wonder how the heck did I get to where I am, you will begin to seek for the root of your suffering. And the root will always lead to what you believe in.

Ask yourself why did you give up on Innocence, Vulnerability, Faith, Courage, and Trust.

Was it because you were scared of others, or being unaccepted by others.

Was it because you thought that innocence will get you in trouble?

Was it because you thought that being vulnerable and open might get you hurt?

Was it because you thought you will be ridiculed for your faith and your dreams?

Was it because you were afraid of all those things and therefore didn’t stand up for yourself, believed in yourself?

You didn’t trust yourself and instead trusted the opinions of others about you. Trusted what others thought you can and cannot do. You began to see yourself as others saw you. You forgot about who you really are and you took the identity of who you need to be in order to follow all the rules that others bestowed upon you.

How can there be freedom if there is no Trust, Courage, Faith in yourself first and then in others? A willingness to be Innocent and Vulnerable because otherwise, you become hunted by fear and suspicion.

What is freedom to you? Can you put a price on freedom? Can you define the distance that separates you from freedom? You can’t because freedom is free. You are already free. But instead of experiencing freedom we choose to focus on the things that we don’t have and believe that once we have them, they will set us free.

We all know the meaning of the word “free” in “freedom”. Free comes without obligations or cost. The word dom in “freedom” refers to dominus which means master (from Latin).

You can’t buy freedom because it is already free for you to have. Today more than ever people are looking for financial freedom as if money can set them free. Freedom is not money. Although many of us think that it is. Freedom is knowing you have anything you need when you need it regardless how much money you have or don’t have.

Freedom is trusting yourself even when you have unpleasant experiences in life you know they are going to pass so there is no point engaging in blaming or judging yourself or anyone else. The closest thing you have is you. Not the past, not the future. You right now is what matters.

– How can one reach freedom?

Inquire about what thoughts do you agree with, what beliefs you follow that cause you to fear or worry? Know your fears by allowing yourself to be Vulnerable right now. Mental fears can’t touch you physically so you can allow yourself to be vulnerable without being afraid of death.

Return to Innocence by having faith in yourself right now. What is the thing that can bring you closer to being less worried, to feeling a relief? Perhaps it is looking straight at what worries you or scares you. Be with your fears while holding your own hand when you do that.

Fear is nothing more than emotional energy that represents an idea that we hold on to believing it to be true while it is not. Hold your own hand while facing the ideas that make you cringe when they are presented to your mind over and over again. They are there because you choose them and accept them as truth without questioning their authenticity.

We accept our past and think of it as a representation of who we are right now. We stick to every belief from the past we decided to follow, and we repeat that decision unknowingly, subconsciously dragging the emotions of those beliefs from the past to our daily lives, to right now.

Once you start reevaluating your beliefs seeking for their root, wanting to know if they are true and relevant, the first thing you find is that you made a decision to believe everything that you believe today. You find out that there are many truths to what life is. What you believe is the truth is merely a choice to see things from one particular point of view. You can quickly see that by choosing one perspective, one point of view over infinite others, we are taking sides. Limiting ourselves to see and go in the one direction of our choice that we call truth. The truth that now we believe in, is blocking our vision from seeing every other truth out there. With time the pile of these truths is getting bigger and bigger. Thus we find ourselves walking on a tightrope believing only in what we think is our truth.

To be innocent is not to be ignorant, innocence doesn’t take sides┬ábecause there is truth to all sides, innocence stays away from judging and blaming. To be innocent is to trust life which in turn allows us to move freely in life. Allowing yourself to be emotionally vulnerable can bring you closer to innocence. To stay innocent you must have faith in yourself and others no matter what the world tells you or shows you. We must have the courage to keep choosing the life we want to see simply because this is what we want.

Just like when you choose yourself to be there for yourself and you build trust with yourself as a result of that. The same way you need to have faith and trust life to show you what you want to see. And while you do that you’re not obligated to walk on a tightrope, to follow outdated social norms, parental teachings or any kind of teachings that limit your freedom. Use the past to remind you of the choices you have made, in what to believe in, so that you can change your choices if you need to, and have the freedom you want.

Yours truly,

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