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As I’m about to write another post I find myself planning and thinking ahead what I’m about to say, structuring ideas into words, I come to a conclusion that most of the time I overthink the way I would like to talk about something, so today I would like to talk exactly about that. Thinking, is it really necessary?

I was recently listening to Alan Watts talking about how one can experience the outside and the inside world as “One” by not giving meaning to whatever our senses pick up. And then it dawned on me that thinking is unnecessary because thinking is really a repetition of what already happened, or an assumption about what is going to happen.

Do I really need to think?

Thinking about what has already happened and happening is redundant and seems like a waste of energy. Wishful thinking on the other hand while also unreal at the current moment can have two repercussions, one leads to happy feelings and the other to sad feelings, in other words, one replenishes me with energy while the other drains my energy, so I guess there are upsides to positive wishful thinking.

Becoming One. As Alan puts it the difference between the inside world and the outside world disappears the minute we stop narrating what has happened or going to happen, everything molds down to a one happening that is occurring right now.

But then one may wonder how is it possible to stop thinking? You cannot force the thoughts to disappear and really it is not your job, the same way it is not your job to force your body, organs, and breath to function or stop functioning.

Since everything is already happening all there is left to do is to notice our reaction to what is happening and then put it on hold. This is essentially “allowing”, “letting go”, “being with everything”. It is possible to do. All it requires is your interest to become aware of your reaction to the inner and the outer world and don’t react with words or thoughts to whatever is happening. If you catch yourself after you already reacted that’s okay, just acknowledge it and keep on being, sensing the world with your senses, hearing your thoughts, and feeling. At some point, everything will blend into one happening.

We are used to reacting with our mind to the world by constantly defining what is happening with words, meanings, measuring everything, separating what is happening here from what is happening over there. Again because there are definitions like “distance” and “location”. But if you withdraw your minds reaction from thinking in terms of distance and location you will experience that what you see or hear over there is of the same experiential characteristics as what is happening here.

If you persist in reacting to distance and location realize that they are constantly changing. When a thing is constantly changing it cannot be measured and defined as something definitive. Even when you think that nothing is changing because you’re sitting still. The earth is moving, our galaxy is moving in space, you are moving and everything is in a state of constant change or as Heraclitus puts it “change is the only constant in life”.

So here I am listing to Alan Watts and realizing that everything profound that I had to say, ever, didn’t come from thinking. Just like a musician writing a composition, follows his or her heart and emotions when all of the sudden music pours out of them effortlessly because they are one with their experience. Of course, they use notes to record their music just like songwriters use words to record their emotions. Either way, the process does not require thinking because everything is happening in the most transparent and explicit manner for them as they are one with their experience.

Most of our time we spend repeating over and over thoughts and opinions about what is happening or has happened, repeating our worries about what we believe will happen. Spending time disconnected from what is right now, denying ourselves to be one with everything that’s happening because we’re scared of getting hurt mentally and emotionally. Playing power games, honor games, love games, all of them are mind games that lure us to think about what is not there.

Let me ask you what is that thing that you like doing the most, that eliminates all unnecessary thinking? That thing that makes time fly. Makes all your doing effortless and even more so, it replenishes you with energy because it feels good. That thing that puts you in the “zone”. That what inspires you the most. That which channels through you to a point that you forget about yourself and the difference between you and what you’re doing disappears. If you have a thing like that, you have already experienced oneness. Now can you imagine living your whole life like that?

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