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If life is a stream of passing events how come we spend most of our lives looking to reach some event, isn’t that obvious that once we reach it, that event will be washed away by the stream simply because of the nature of the stream, leaving us again in uncertainty.

A change in perception must be made in order to change our attitude towards the stream of life. If a stream is a series of events then it must be treated as such. But unfortunately, the uncertainty about the direction of the stream causes us to fear, that fear determines the direction of the stream as we try to control the events in the stream.

The nature of the stream is constant flow and movement any attempt to go against that nature results in suffering. Most of us are trying to predict the final destination of the stream in order to take countermeasures in case we don’t like the predicted and imagined destination we think we’re headed towards.

What we need to understand is that everything works. No matter what our reasoning is, in the end, we come to a decision in which direction we’d like to go and that would be the direction of our stream. If our decision is forced by anxiety, worry or fear we will tend to project the safest route for our stream in order to survive. We will look around to see what works for us? and inevitably will force ourselves to choose the least boring option.

Everything in nature thrives by taking advantage of what is right now. Right now I’m sitting in front of my laptop because I have the opportunity to do what I want to do right now. Humans take advantage not only from what is right now but also from projecting what they want to happen next. The problem with projecting and imagining is that you first must be with what is in order to proceed to what is next so you can get to your imagined future. Just like climbing a staircase if you ignore the steps that are in front of you won’t be able to use them to get to the top.

People refer to the imagination as unreal, meanwhile imagining their next breath that just happens, their next step to work that just happens. We are constantly in an imaginative state. We’re imagining moving our bodies and walking and that is happening. We didn’t learn to walk there was no teacher for crawling and walking, we imagined getting from where we are to where we want to be, and learning happened. Nobody taught us how to learn. What is learning anyway if not imagination and imagining what you want to manifest?

We imagine everything, including our beliefs and past memories. But how come past memories and beliefs are not ridiculed the same way as imagination is? Is that because we believe that they are real? Or is it because we imagine that they are real?

Any way you look at it the stuff that sticks to us, like our past, our mood, our beliefs, it all eventually determines the direction of the stream our life is headed towards. We imagine the next step based on the previous step taken that was also imagined at some point.

Whether you imagine your next move based on the previous one or unrelated to anything else, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your conviction about your next move. Because if there is the slightest shadow of a doubt about what you want or the ability to have what you want, it means that, you’re not really giving your full attention to what is right now, to being and knowing yourself right now. As a result, this wishful thinking results with bad feelings.

By the way, this also works. This doubtful projection of the future bringing you immediate feedback in a form of crappy emotions that tell you that you’re deceiving yourself about your future. It doesn’t mean that the future you imagine is impossible, it means that you need to look deeper at where you’re first before you can start manifesting the future that you want. By looking deeper I mean getting to know what stops you and what’s really in your way of getting what you want. (read the previous post here).

I hate to end on a negative note, but I guess if I don’t cling to it too much the negative note is going to pass soon enough anyway, just wait and see for yourself.

Yours truly,

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