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Who’s Bad?

You are – Compassionate, Loving, Giving, Friendly, Generous, Kind, Carrying, Sharing, Fearless, Confident, Powerful, Abundant, Peaceful, Free, Flowing, Good.

How do I know this?

You cannot learn how to become any of these things. It is not something that you can obtain either. If you try to learn how to become any of these things it would mean that you don’t see yourself as being such and it would be a forced attempt at best to become something that you are not. This means that you are already these things.

These qualities are natural to every human being. However, we are forced to hide most of them because we believe that if we expose them, somehow we’re going to get hurt.

It might sound ridiculous to some because some will argue that clearly there are “bad” people in this world. And if everyone possessed these qualities, life will prosper for everybody and everything would be just perfect.

The thing is that having these qualities doesn’t require one to obey a certain type of behavior or adopt a particular attitude in life at all times. However, with that being said I would argue that there are no bad people in the world.

There are those who take upon themselves roles because they believe that if they don’t, then they will be excluded, abandoned, mistreated, ridiculed or worse. There are no evil infants nor malicious babies. We mimic our environment growing up, and chances are that we’re likely to become the product of our environment when we grow up. And since everybody wants to be loved, we will do whatever it takes to earn that love from whoever we think we trust no matter how bad they behave or even hurt us.

That doesn’t mean that there is no hope for the misfortuned ones. Everyone has the ability to shed his or her skin to a point there is no one left to blame, nothing left to prove, to agonize about, to fight for, and to feel guilty about. Once a being reaches this point, all the aforementioned qualities will rise to the surface. All it takes to begin the process is to become interested in becoming free emotionally, mentally and physically.

Until that happens people will continue to invest a lot of energy and effort in hiding their true nature, by competing, living in scarcity, addiction, fear of missing out, etc. All those things will continue to provoke a certain type of behavior and attitude, that we label as “bad”.

Take this into account when you encounter a “bad” person on your way. Remember that society tends to judge a person by the worst moments in their life and not by the best and it is up to us to change that by understanding our own true nature, which is fundamentally good.

Yours truly,

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