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Wake up – The Jigsaw

Enlightenment exercise #1 Wherever you look the picture is always complete...

I was thinking about starting a series of posts called “Wake Up” that consists of exercises that can bring one to experience the true self, or in other words, enlightening oneself to true being.

So without further ado here is the first exercise that you can try. It is important to commit to those exercises not by being serious but by being interested to explore, so choose the best time for that. It would be best if you do these exercises in an undistracted environment so you can proceed without abruption until the end of your explorations.

The Jigsaw

Everything is here. Do you ever wonder about the fact that everything exists at once? Without thinking about structure or going into details of everything, but just pondering about the fact that it is all here like an already assembled picture from a jigsaw puzzle.

Wherever you look the picture is always complete, there is no one place with a missing jigsaw piece. Imagine looking at the sky and seeing a small black hole in a form of a jigsaw piece, imagine that one piece is missing in the sky. The black in the hole would not be anything like space or anything scientific from existence known to you.

Imagine that everything sensible in the world is created from tiny jigsaw pieces, what would happen if you were to flick one of those pieces away and peek through that hole. Just contemplate by wondering about what would that be like? don’t think too hard just ponder.

If everything including your body was assembled from jigsaw pieces, and every little thing known to humanity via learning and imagination was a combination of jigsaws, what would it be like to experience what exists beyond or perhaps before the jigsaw piece?

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