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What about now?

Just the other day I was watching a video by Jason Silva on Facebook in which he was talking about learning. Jason was talking about two forms of acquiring knowledge from an article he read by a famous philosopher who described the way we learn. The first way we learn is by description and the second way we learn is by acquaintance or experience.

That got me thinking about the decisions we make in life regarding what to do with our lives. Young people especially are facing this problem planning their future, learning from past examples about what routes are available for them to take. Many of them are looking for the safest routes that can ensure their financial freedom. When trying to decide what they should do they choose to acquire knowledge about this subject from learning by description.

Learning by description is essentially learning from past events, which is important and has its benefits for human progress. However, learning what you should do in your life and planning your future by observing what others did in the past just so you can replicate someone’s path to success won’t necessarily make you happy.

For one, you are not guaranteed to succeed by copying what others did and two, what makes you believe that the moment you have what you think you want today, is what you will still want years from now?

Many successful people are encouraging people today more than ever, to do what you love, among them are the richest people in the world like Warren Buffett.

You can only find out what you love to do from this moment, right now, not tomorrow and definitely not in a few years from now.

And let me ask you how did you learn about what you love? Did someone tell you what you love? -No. You learned what you love from acquaintance, from experience. No source of information can tell you what you love, except you, and your experience.

Sure you can look for the safest route for yourself, but you can also look for the one that excites you the most, and makes you smile when you think about going for it right now and not in a decade from now when you have saved enough money.

You experience of what you love starts right now and will always stay in the now no matter how far you try to postpone it.

Facebook – Jason Silva – The power of ‘knowledge by acquaintance’ vs knowledge by description…

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