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Conditions & Expectations

When looking to heal we face our mind's thoughts and opinions about our own situation, health and status. We stick and follow guidelines that we believing are important because they guide us in our lives. However when our reality doesn't meet our own set guidelines, we find it very difficult to focus on healing and moving on. So what can we do?

Can I heal?


How can I heal?

-Give up on all your conditions.

What conditions?

-Conditions for healing. All the conditions you created that failed to satisfy your expectations. Give up on the conditions and expectations that disturb you the most right now.

How do I do that?

– Understand that the world exists without anyone’s conditions or expectations. There is no one blowing the wind, it blows by itself. There is no one blooming the flower, the flower blooms by itself. There is no one forcing the sun to shine. The sun shines by itself.

I am too distracted by the things that disturb me, I cannot let go of my expectations to fix what disturbs me.

– What disturbs you is your emotional state and not what you call expectations. Expectations are thoughts in our minds. There is no physical thing as a thought or a word or a letter. Words and thoughts are imagined descriptions that we use to associate with what we believe is real.

Look for what is real, sensible and physical around you right now without describing your experience in words or attaching meaning. Meaning eventually also exists in our minds imagination. Words, description, and meaning, are tools created by our minds imagination.

The emotional pain, when stripped away from words and meaning is merely a stomachache, a contraction, or some other physical discomfort. Healing is all about returning to comfort by allowing yourself to relax.

Once you do that you can calmly observe the conditions and expectations you have created and reassess their importance by asking yourself “Why is this condition/expectation important to me?” Ask this question until you reach an issue that makes you worried. Understand that you created this condition/expectation in order to get rid of what you’re worried about.

For example, If I have an expectation to have a career, then if I ask myself – Why is this important to me? I may found out that I care about status and I’m worried about not having one.

Our worries are imagined situations that are yet to come true, but we stick to them like they are true because we fear that they might come true. If you keep repeating your worries to yourself long enough you’ll begin to believe they are true.

The only thing that is true is love. Love is what you are but somehow you were convinced to believe that – you are not love, or that you need to earn love, or that you need to prove that you deserve love or that you are not worthy of love.

Someway or another we come to believe that we lost our love and ourselves because someone said something or did something to us.

As corny as it may sound eventually all the cliches are true, “it all starts with love”, “all you need is love”, “love can heal everything”, etc. So it happens that all our sufferings have the most obvious solution.

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