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Why I am here?

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Since the beginning of time mankind was fascinated by the question about its origin. Contemplating about ones purpose or reason for being. We mostly learn from observation and other people, rarely do we take the time to contemplate about these kind of questions. But I believe that each of us holds the answer to the purpose of our being.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Why would you be anywhere?
– Because I’m interested. Because I want to.

Why are you interested? Why do you want to?
– Because I care.

Why do you care?
-Because I love.

How did you learn to love?
-I didn’t.

Can you measure your love?
-I can’t.

How can you tell you’re being loved?
-I feel it.

Can you feel someone else’s love inside your body?
-I can’t.

Whos love do you feel then?
-My own.

And when you love someone, whos love are you feeling?
-My own.

If someone you love calls you, would you come?
– Of course, I will. I would do anything to answer the call of my love.

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