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We take sides, looking at ourselves, others and life through our points of view. But do we need points of view to live our lives? Life is there regardless of our perspectives or points of view. Our points of view are merely the windows through which we choose to see life at a certain angle. But why limit yourself to a certain angle when you can see the whole picture.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Imagine if you touch something warm with a cold hand, you get a sense that the object you are touching is warm. Then if you rub your hands against each other raising the temperature of your hands higher than the object you touched, this time when you touch the object again, it is now colder than your hand.

It seems that by changing the temperature of our hands we altered our reality, experiencing something warm as something cold, when, in fact, nothing has changed on the outside. But what did change, is our perception of the outside.

Whether you wake up on the right foot or the wrong foot, the world remains the same. But your perception of the world changes when you change. Just like it did when you touched the same object twice, once with a cold hand and then with a warm hand.

Changing your body temperature is easy, but what about changing our perspectives about the world?

Imagine visiting an ancient tribe, that has no electricity, stone age sanitary facilities, water from the well, bamboo homes, the economy is based on trading and not money, and so on and so forth.

When you imagine living like this you’re thinking, “oh my god, this is horrible”. So, in this case, our perception of the tribe’s living conditions is not based on our physical senses, it is based on our beliefs. For the sake of simplicity, we will measure our beliefs also in temperature. The more beliefs we have, the warmer the temperature gets. Let’s also say that zero beliefs, is body temperature. So, by the time we need to go number two in the village, we’re already burning up.

If you had no opinion about living under certain conditions you wouldn’t mind living in this tribe. Opinions come from thinking that some things are better than other things.

Our belief system is comprised of opinions and it is our main sensor when it comes to perceiving the world, people, relationships, status, happiness, money, what is right and wrong. The more beliefs we have the more we tend to take one side over the other leaning in one direction. You know what happens when you lean too much in one direction – you get a weight to balance yourself on the other side so you don’t fall by protecting your pride of being right at all costs. Eventually, you’ll collapse either because of the weight or because of the leaning angle, it is all a matter of time.

You see there is no one right point of view, as there is no one way to do something. When you think you are right, all it means that you are focused on one thing in particular, and perhaps limiting yourself from seeing other options by persisting on being right.

A belief/opinion stands for – being right by having one point of view about a particular subject.

If you wake up in a world of deceiving, mean, conspiring, inconsiderate people, it is simply because you choose to take sides on different opinions about the people of the world.

Let’s compare ourselves to children. A child doesn’t wake up in the morning all occupied in disturbing thoughts thinking about the newscast he watched last night. Why? because he doesn’t need to watch the news to learn about people. Children already know that everyone is good inside. This is how we all start, believing in good because we are good. It is only when we start caring more about taking sides than caring about ourselves and each other, it is when we get lost.

Sure you can argue that life circumstance doesn’t always allow one to stay balanced, fair, or good but I will argue that as long as you believe that life circumstance can affect the person that you are, you are in fact taking a side believing in that. Instead of taking sides, how about just staying true to ourselves no matter what.

If you put it in the time and effort re-evaluating your stands and points of view that make you suffer, you will wake up to a different world. It might take time, and you will fall while opening up and giving up on your pride of being right, dropping all your weights. But if you persist it will eventually happen. You will come to understand that all the sides you’ve ever taken are as irrelevant as trying to figure out if the object that you’re touching is warm or cold.

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