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Wake up – Who is watching?

One of the most challenging obstacles to connecting with ourselves, is the body. Our body is always feeling something, physically or emotionally. As a result of that our attention is always directed on how we feel in the body. Try this exercise to divert your attention from the body and connect with yourself.

This is the third exercise from the “Wake Up” series of posts that consists of exercises that can bring one to experience the true self, or in other words, enlighten oneself to true being. Try to approach this one only if you’re intrigued by the exercise and curious.

Before we begin here is a little introduction and background to how I arrived at this.

Did you ever have a sense that you’re being watched, just by being in a space with other people? Do you become self-aware when it happens thinking about your appearance or image? Do you react by taking a step back or retreat to your safety zone? Maybe you try to draw attention in order to stand out or maybe don’t care at all. But if you do become self-aware keep reading.

When we become self-aware our senses sharpen and we react by thinking, feeling, saying or doing something.

The other day I was brushing my teeth in front of a mirror and suddenly I was taken back by a feeling that someone is watching me. I was alone. It took me less than a second to figure out that I have mistaken my own reflection in the mirror for someone else.

What is interesting to notice is that I reacted the same way I react when I suspect that someone is watching me. What happened is when I was brushing my teeth looking at my own reflection in the mirror, my mind drifted away. At some point my attention was caught by someone in front of me, staring right at me. Then my mind regained focus and I was reminded that this is me, not recognizing my own reflection.

What an interesting experience I thought to myself, being able to drift away forgetting how I look like and be surprised by my own reflection that is watching me, only to find out that it is was me all along.

It is literally an out-of-body experience.

Then I decided to try it out a couple more times. Standing in front of a mirror looking at my reflection as I let my mind drift away and then lo and behold sooner or later when my attention spontaneously returns to the mirror, I startle a bit for a half a second during which I do not recognize myself. Reacting as I would if someone surprised me with a stare.

Try this exercise to experience first hand that your body exists only as a memory in your mind, it is not a constant knowing. Try to sense the constant self that is being watched by the reflection in the mirror.

Have fun!

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