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Many times we get lost trying to help ourselves, heal, find happiness, freedom, peace. It seems that we've looked in all the possible places for solutions to our problems. Most people perceive their unhappiness, limitations, worries as problems, that they need to fix. Never really getting to know the one that suffers. But the one that suffers, is only looking for you to listen.

Awaken to who you are not so you can criticize yourself but so you can embrace yourself.

You are who you are at each moment of time. We are constantly awakening to who we are right now. If we notice that we’re the same or different than who we were, that is only because we compare the right now moment, to a memory of a previous right now moment.

Change happens beyond time. You can even say that it is not an actual thing.

If you don’t like who you are right now, it is only because you see yourself through the eyes of others.

We all make mistakes, but then if we put ourselves in our own shoes, we realize that we didn’t have any other choice but to make the mistakes we did.

If you want to awaken to a different you, you need to listen to yourself.

When you’re talking to yourself you are not listening to yourself because you are busy talking. We only listen when we tune in to our emotional and physical state without talking.

Listen without talking or thinking. This is the quickest way to truly know yourself and others.

Don’t be in a hurry to figure it all out, there is so much a body can take emotionally. Don’t neglect your health when you search for the truth. Listen.

There must be an opposite side to happiness, kindness, love, compassion otherwise we wouldn’t be able to recognize any of them. So for example, if you find yourself existing on the other side of happiness, know that you can also exist in happiness.

What can bring you closer to happiness is your willingness not to take sides about what is right or wrong with you, because everything is a matter of Perception.

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