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Go For It

Although it might work sometimes, faking it till you make it does not feel good. Is forcing yourself to push through no matter what, is healthy? On the other hand does nourishing our emotions all the time is necessary? All we really want is to take action from a sincere place feeling good about ourselves. Here is how you do it.

We often hear these empowerment slogans that by now turned into cliches like, just do it, take the first step, just start, fake it till you make it, if you want something just go for it, etc. Although there is something inspiring in hearing these words and perhaps might motivate you to take action, but after a few minutes later or even seconds, we find ourselves abrupted from thinking positively by our emotions or other thoughts that stop us from taking any action.

Now here is the dilemma, when that happens, do you stop and listen to your body’s feelings and your minds thoughts, or do you push through nevertheless of your unpleasant emotions and thoughts and go for it?

There is no easy answer to what you should do and I certainly can’t tell you what to do. Being with our emotions, figuring them out thinking about them, self-nourishing our bodies to relaxation sounds like a good idea, but from what I have found, this can also easily turn into a recurring pattern that leads to a dead end.

When we try to convince ourselves that everything is going to be okay while isolating ourselves from everything else, we might succeed to relax and calm our emotions. However, we also might get used to doing it isolating ourselves from the world and what we want.

On the other hand, pushing through just because you had a moment of inspiration which is now gone leaving you indecisive, fearful of the unknown and emotionally vulnerable once again, also doesn’t sound like a good place from which we should take action. Because the character of that action will be based on indecisiveness and fear.

So what can we do?

We can reach inside beyond all circumstance and worries and see a familiar place known to us from our teenage years or even childhood. The rebellion self, the unapologetic self, the one that insists on doing what is right. The one that doesn’t care about circumstantial consequences because he or she knows that the path they are on right now is the right one. It is beyond logic. Your body resonates with knowing, with confidence, you don’t need to think about it because everything is crystal clear.

Confidence is beyond proof, you don’t require proof from it, you’re not looking for explanations. It is here to put you on the path you want to walk on. It is not hope. Hope doesn’t come from confidence it comes from insecurity about the future and wishful thinking, fear of the unknown. Having confidence is having faith in yourself believing in yourself knowing that you are always there for yourself. Kind, loving, compassionate, accepting yourself under any circumstance.

This place lives inside of us but we’ve come to forget about it because we’ve grown to identify ourselves with what we fear and feel as a result of fear. The circumstance takes the best of us by making us fear and that fear is preventing us from taking action towards what we want.

So how do you reach that rebellious place of yours? A place that doesn’t give a fuck because it knows what it wants and nothing will stand on its way.

Realize that all of your emotional worries and fears are as a result of some circumstance that worries you or scares you.

If you take yourself right now as you are and take action while being worried or afraid, nothing will come out of it because fear eventually will stop you from moving forward.

Instead, you can choose to act intentionally with your fears, truly understanding that fear is simply a by-product of a circumstance a conclusion about yourself or life that provokes a sensation that it is not permanent. It is a passing emotional experience. Allow everything to be as it is because that is how you are in your true nature. If you do that you will rediscover yourself as the generous badass that rolls with life that you always were.

The conclusions that we made about our personality resulted from circumstances. Conclusions that came as a result of some boring class we’ve attended and studied to pass. Well, attending that class is no longer necessary, we don’t need to pass this class anymore. The school of believing that we can’t is officially over. Right now is all about your preference. What is it that you really want and go for it.

Yours truly,

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