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When you see yourself accomplished, happy, successful is what determines the way you feel right now. We all fall into the trap of thinking about our future happiness without knowing for sure when it will come. Live in our mind's non stop anticipations of the future feels like we're delaying our living to a later date. How can we arrive where we want to be today?

We tend to want certain things because we believe those things will make our experience better, will make our lives better and perhaps happier. When you think you want to be as talented as someone, as good looking as someone, as successful as someone. All you’re doing is assuming.

There is never a guarantee that those things will bring you happiness, but we are somehow certain that they will, because we believe what we see and hear, and we assume and conclude from that.

Did you ever ask yourself, what makes that person that you want to be like happy? Is it the fact that that person is talented? perhaps good looking? perhaps successful? We never stop to think about the impact of an experience someone is having, we only think about the experience itself, convinced that every experience has the same impact on everyone.

Experience being – You’re good looking, you are financially stable, you are famous, you’re talented. All these things are experiences present in people’s lives. How people interpret those experiences varies from person to person.

If you’re wealthy it doesn’t necessarily mean that you stop worrying about money. If you are talented it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know what you want to do with your life or want to make a career from your talent. If you are good looking it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are confident. If you’re famous it doesn’t necessarily mean that you like yourself.

Sometimes we follow almost blindly our dreams and goals believing that they will make us happy because that is the conclusion we’ve made, and it seems that we’ve got it all figured out. Do this to get that. When you get that, you’re done.

Do you believe that happiness is out of your reach right now?

There is no guarantee of how an experience might affect you and your happiness. Life has no guarantees about how you would feel in the future. Because there is no future you right now that you can ask about how you would feel if you had something you don’t have right now.

The only thing that is being experienced is you right now. Not the future, not the past, just you right now. Even when you see someone in pain, you still experience yourself. You can relate, identity, but eventually, all you feel is your own feelings and emotions.

When you see an artist that mastered their craft to perfection performing effortlessly on stage making you all excited and emotional by their performance. You look around and see that the artist is famous, successful, adored, but can you tell if they are happy? You can’t because you can’t feel what they feel. You’re just having an experience of your own. Taking it all in assuming and concluding about stuff in your future perhaps. Creating goals unrelated to your happiness right now. Our happiness is right now, but somehow sometimes we can only see it in our future.

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