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Wake Up – A Cup Of Tea

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The self is always present, it just becomes an inseparable part of the story. By becoming completely absorbed in the everyday experiences we forget about our knowing and experience of self. Try this exercise #5 from the wake up series to reconnect with this inner knowing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is the fifth post from the “Wake Up” series that consists of exercises that can bring one to experience the true self, or in other words, enlightening oneself to true being.

One of the hardest things to do in meditation is trying to have no thoughts. Each time it seems that you have no thoughts, there is a thought about you having no thoughts. The point of having no thoughts is to disconnect oneself from what is not happening now, thus bringing one’s consciousness into the now moment.

The thing is that the now moment includes thoughts, but most don’t have the ability to recognize their own self with the thoughts present, because we get absorbed in the context of thoughts. It seems to us that we don’t have a choice other than to interact with our own thoughts, and as long you believe that you will be distracted by your thoughts from recognizing the self.

However, what I have found when you find yourself in a situation that something is super important to you, you give it all your attention, eliminating unnecessary thoughts. In other words, you have to want something hard enough and focus only on it and nothing else to experience a thoughtless state. Try this.

A Cup Of Tea

Next time when you want to have a drink let’s say a cup of tea or coffee choose to make it by yourself and make sure that you fill your drink to the very top borderline spilling it. The place that you are going to drink your drink is approximately 30ft away from where you made it. Now you have to walk that distance holding your drink very carefully, trying not to spill it.

What is the point of this?

Well, by having a true spontaneous interest like wanting to have a drink for example and caring not to spill it, you get extremely focused on the task. Pulling yourself, and all the senses you’ve got into the moment. While you do that try to have a sense how everything unrelated to your task disappears including thoughts. If you find yourself thinking about spilling your drink, just get back to the task at hand, try not to spill your drink.

You see, the self is always present, it is just that it becomes a part of the story that is currently happening that is why it is not obvious to us to have a sense of self unrelated to circumstance or experience. By extremely focusing on something we experience how everything else just disappears. This sincere focus allows us to easily prove to ourselves that what has disappeared from own awareness resulted from a choice we’ve made.

The same way that we focus on not spilling our drink we can focus on Nothing, Emptiness, No-Context. Of course, these are just concepts and everyone interprets them differently. But if you find yourself spontaneously interested in knowing the self, just like you found yourself wanting to have a drink, you can focus on nothing and not have any distraction from knowing your true self.

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