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Choosing Mindset

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How many times did you find yourself backing out form an incredible idea or desire or even a lifelong dream. Unable to commit and follow through with what you want. Initially we are overwhelmed by how good our desire feels but later it just turns into another unrealistic dream. Find out how you can change this pattern

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you know that feeling you get when you have an idea about something you want to do and you’re all amped up, excited about it, and the next day you’re trying to remember what the heck was that all about?

Where did all that excitement go? Suddenly you think that what you wanted is not possible. Why did my spirit die so fast just like that? I had plans damn it! I wanted to concur the world. It felt so real but now it all feels like a dream.

Inspiring moments create uplifting experiences that feel so good that we sometimes don’t even recognize ourselves. We don’t remember when was the last time we were so excited about something. But as with every experience, eventually, everything passes, the excitement dies out and we get our old selves back.

But we had high hopes, right?! We thought that we can ride that excitement wave until it gets us where we wanted to go. We put all our hopes and dreams on the emotions of the moment. But as soon as the excitement is gone, we quit.

However, most of the time that thing that we set out to achieve when we ride that excitement wave is not that impossible to achieve, even when we’re done riding it. But then when the excitement is gone instead of focusing on the task at hand and choosing a mindset, we are distracted by the gap between where we are and where we want to be. This gap is what makes our goal or dream look impossible. We quit even before starting.

We quit because our mind is already accustomed to thinking a certain way, and we agree with the way we think most of the time. So if your mind is thinking in terms of chances, statistics, past experiences, it then proceeds to grade our chances of success according to our abilities, achievements, self-esteem, etc. Most of us fail to get a passing grade in this exam. And there is no way of ignoring the verdict we receive because we tend to agree pretty much with everything our mind is telling us.

Luckily this pattern is not difficult to change even if we fall and criticize our own ability to succeed. All it takes is to choose a different approach. Instead of predicting things ahead of time and expecting failure to happen, we can choose to be ignorant about the past. If we follow this through we then step into unknown territory. You can’t calculate or predict the success of something if you don’t have any data to work with. The only data you do have is a memory of feeling how great it feels pursuing whatever you wanted to do.

We are the result of the past that we lived and there is no way around it. As our bodies are the direct result of our past eating habits, so is our mind, is the result of our thinking habits. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t change. That doesn’t mean that we can’t choose differently. We are not obligated to any thinking or behavior habit.

The choice is always present with us. There is no need in believing in any thought that the mind produces and by doing that we can choose freely what we want to do. Do you want to follow your minds advice or you are curious about going in another direction?

All it takes is choosing a direction. Instead of focusing on that huge gap between you and what you want, focus on your decision and mindset. Choose a thinking strategy such as –

I know what I want, there is no pressure to have it right now, I’m only starting walking the path that will bring me to what I want. Right now I’m at the very beginning of my path.

Placing yourself at the beginning of something and focusing on starting moving in the direction of your desires is what makes all the difference. By not expecting how and when something will happen, you make it easy on yourself to start walking in the direction that you’re headed. You let things unfold naturally without forcing anything. When we insist we always involve our past thinking. If you don’t have any opinions about how things should turn out, then you just effortlessly use what you have when you have it, not stressing about it. Chose your mindset first before you choose anything else.

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