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Everything is Important

We often find ourselves ignoring the little insignificant things that make us feel bad. We continue with our business knowing we have much more important things to do. But did you know that by doing that you are actually training your mind to ignore what you feel. What can we do in odred not ignore ourselves and not to fall into sadness at the same time?

Every little thing is important as petty as it may seem, it is important. We sometimes ignore the little things as we call them that are an annoyance that bothers us, and we categorize them as unimportant.

Sure you might think to yourself, but one can go mad addressing all the little things in life, all the annoyances that bother us. We need to filter what is really important from what is less important.

So we go along doing exactly that, filtering our experiences, emotions, feelings. We are, after all, busy people if we spend all of our time addressing every little thing that bothers us, there wouldn’t be enough time left doing the things we plan to do.

We become masters in filtering what is important to a degree that even when we do have time to address the little things in our lives that are causing us to feel bad we choose to ignore them. Our mind immediately recognizes the insignificant importance level that we give to such little things, and a result we automatically proceed to ignore them.

But why is that important?

We seek to be in control of our lives to the very little detail. We come to believe that because we know what we want, we also know how to get what we want. While the first part might be true – knowing what you want, the second part is not necessarily true.

You see, we have a body that is in constant interaction with the world, every interaction effects the body on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Another thing is that our systems in the body are constantly trying to be in balance. Our body is always healing itself. And not only on a physical level. The same way when you are physically hurt and you see your wound, you can also be emotionally hurt. But unlike the physical wound that is seen, the emotional and mental wounds are not seen.

It is clear that you won’t go to play basketball with a broken little pinky, but is not clear if you won’t go if you are mentally or emotionally troubled, because after all, we can ignore our little emotions and troubling thoughts. On the one hand, we address our physical problem and recognizing its importance, but on the other hand, we ignore our emotional and mental problems.

But it is not our fault. It is because of the way we were brought up and taught how to deal or not to deal with our problems. We were told to lay in bed when we have a fever. But some of us were never taught to listen to our emotions and troubling thoughts and also give them time to heal.

The body will always try to heal itself by exposing the wound, no matter if it is physical, emotional, or mental. All we need to do is address it and not ignore it. Even if you know what you want to do right now, don’t stand in the way of your body’s healing, by ignoring your wounds. Give time for your body to heal fist.

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