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Dealing with emotional pain

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People often misinterpret pain for something that it is not, thus prolonging their own suffering unintentionally. So here is a quick reminder about what pain is, its purpose and how to deal with any suffering that is causing us pain.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

You may lose yourself from time to time
when you go wonder in your mind.

Everything seems to fall apart
when you forget about your heart.

The pain you feel leads you astray
you think it wants to hurt you.

But all it wants
is to get warm by our hearts.

For it is lost
and seeks for guidance.

It wants to say goodbye
to wish farewell.

To you, my friend
that held it for so long.

Here is what I consider to be the best medicine for emotional pain. First of all, you must understand the general purpose of pain. I’m not talking about the specific reasons for pain, I’m talking about its job and purpose which is – healing the body. Therefore, it is best left to its own devices. Instead of numbing the pain, embrace it with your heart and be grateful for it doing its job.

Yours truly,

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