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The next 5 minutes

Aren't you tired of reacting to the disturbances of your body and mind, hushing your emotions, witnessing yourself getting absorbed in everything that is unsettling in your life trying to fix everything?

Prepare to not want anything in the next 5 minutes. To awaken to the fact that you are not responsible for any consequences. As you read these lines, no effort exudes out of you. You are just effortlessly witnessing the seeing of the words and their meaning as they are passing through your mind one after another. You are only in control of what you choose to focus on next. The next word, breath, thought, body movement, sound, sight, feeling. You are the static observer of the world, the body, and the mind.

Aren’t you tired of reacting to the disturbances of your body and mind, hushing your emotions, witnessing yourself getting absorbed in everything that is unsettling in your life trying to fix everything, respond to everything?

Why don’t you take a break from all of that for the next five minutes? Just because you can. Five minutes won’t change anything. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, and what you’re worried about. Put everything on hold. Everything can wait for 5 minutes.

There is no purpose for this, except for not wanting anything. Not wanting a purpose. Purpose can wait. Five minutes is not a waste of time. If you can’t make it 5 then make it 3 or 2. Set a stopwatch on your phone and forget about it. Let it surprise you when it goes off. Don’t expect it to ring, don’t expect and don’t wait for anything. Or even better, if you can afford to, don’t set any time limit.

When you begin this meditation, you might find yourself thinking about something. Every thought you have is a result of wanting or expecting. Recognize what you want or expect in every thought that is rising, and then remind yourself that this is taking your time. My thoughts are taking my time. The time I have set for myself not to want or expect anything.

Don’t expect to rest. Don’t make an effort of figuring out what can happen or might happen. You don’t want to make any effort for the next 5 minutes. You are also not interested in knowing or not knowing because you don’t expect anything from yourself, others or life. Allow yourself to fall into this static state of existence over which you have no control over because you cannot stop existing merely by will.

Make yourself as physically comfortable as you can, sitting or laying down and close your eyes. It is okay to be distracted by the sounds of nature or any other sound. Once you notice your attention drifting towards a distraction. Remind yourself that you’re not the one initiating the distraction, therefore whatever is happening over there is not under your responsibility or in your control. Nature can take care of itself. People can take care of themselves. Don’t expect anything to stop.

If you are irritated emotionally by your distraction try to find a quieter place or remind yourself that your emotions are not under your control. Therefore you are not responsible for how your body feels. Don’t expect your emotions to go away or stay either. Let them be as you remain static in your mind and body, in your absence of expectations and desires.

The more you practice this, the more you will experience the peace that lays before meanings, actions, thoughts, and feelings. The natural peace that we are born with is always here, but it gets disturbed by all the worrying, expecting, wanting and insisting on how things should be.

If you get to experience that peace, It is essential that you understand that this is not just another physical experience that passes you by and now you return to your life. This peace is always there in the base of our human existence, we just don’t see it in our daily lives because we allow ourselves to be taken away by our thoughts, actions, and worries.

Imagine living your from this place, feeling safe and loved every day of your life. And although it might take time getting there you already know, that even your most fearful moments are rising from this blissful state in your being.

Yours truly,

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