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Clockwork – Meditation

Sometimes our worries have nothing to do with us and everything to do with what we think about should be. Our thought detach us from reality as it is, and place us in a world we disapprove of. The line between what is real and what is not gets distorted by our misperception. Use this exercise to get an idea how you can see things exactly as they are.

Every single thing in existence and the universe right now is doing what it is supposed to do. That is the way it was since the very beginning of times. Some of the things exist in silence motionless like rock mountains, and others are moving and loud like waterfalls. Everything in nature you can think about is at peace with itself and its purpose, except us.

We are the only ones that chose to have opinions about how we and everything else around us should be. Why we can’t be like nature? Think about what a relief it would be if at any point in your life you were satisfied with yourself and everything else.

Everything in this world is alive, the oceans, the rocks, the trees, the air, the earth. Everything we build and create lives on some level through our experiences. Think about the constant resource extraction, the pollution we are causing to nature and the earth, and yet nature is not banishing us from this planet or punishes us for what we do. Everything remains in peace: the ruins, the abandoned machines, and buildings, the polluted air, and water, the living creatures that are getting closer to become instinct. All that you consider as mess and chaos when undisturbed and untouched it exists peacefully in silence until disapproval awakens in our minds.

We’re bothered and get upset by traffic or by something that has been displaced, and we cannot find. Do you think that traffic is also bothered? Do you think that the displaced car keys you’re looking for are also upset? Of course, you don’t. But when we get upset about something, the things we are upset about become upsetting in our experience. Traffic is upsetting, the car keys you can’t find are upsetting. People are upsetting. Suddenly everything that existed in a peaceful flow is now filtered through our emotional state. We enter a different reality when we cast our opinions and beliefs about our environment in our minds to ourselves.

Imagine that everything is doing what it supposed to do despite what you think about it. Imagine that all things are precise like clockwork in their intention, purpose in all of existence. Since everything that upsets you is already doing its job and your life is not threatened by it, there is no reason to worry about it.

If you turn all of your worries into rocks in your imagination, there would be a pile of rocks. Imagine this pile by the river surrounded by silence and forest.

A rock already serving its purpose, by being a rock. It doesn’t need you to hold on to it. Notice how your body feels when you contemplate about your worries turning them one by one into some part of nature and witness their calm and peaceful existence without having an opinion about them because you understand that nature doesn’t require your opinions.

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