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Let control die

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How one can become enlightened, awakened to the undisturbed, peaceful being that is at the base of every human being. A place that allows to see ourselves and the world from a broader perspective and gain a deeper understanding of our interpretations.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

How can one become enlightened, awakened to the undisturbed peaceful being that is at the base of every human being? A place that allows to see ourselves and the world from a broader perspective and gain a deeper understanding of our interpretations. But before I begin here is a short explanation to why it is not easy to get to that state and why it is sometimes challenging to preserve it.


Imagine if you woke up one day and had no recollection about yourself. You wouldn’t remember your age, appearance, your opinions about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. You would need to learn everything about yourself from the very beginning. You look in the mirror to see how you look like. You ask parents or people you recognize to describe what you’re like. Having no memory about yourself resembles very much the moment of our birth. We get to learn about ourselves through the world and people we interact with. We come to think about ourselves how others describe and see us. We learn what we need to do to be safe.

When we are born we give our full attention to our body’s senses while the body is looking to survive in its unfamiliar environment. From this stage onward, we intuitively pick up and conclude what or who is safe for us or not. We collect information about surviving, and we rely on this information every day of our lives. If life goes wrong, if we’re not feeling well physically or emotionally, we turn our attention to what we have learned. And if we can’t find answers to help ourselves, we ask to learn more from others.

It is second nature to us to learn about ourselves and our unique situation from already existing knowledge. However, most of the time we don’t relate inside to the available solutions that we find. You and your life circumstance are unique as your fingerprint. Since everyone is different, trying to use a general solution designed for someone else won’t work for everyone.

True wisdom about who we are and what we need lays before what we’ve learned from the world. However, in our everyday lives, we depend on what we’ve learned for our safety, and we’re not willing to let that go. Our thoughts provide us with protection when we’re faced with emotional and physical difficulties. We can’t even imagine giving up on our beliefs because we value our knowledge to keep us safe, appreciated, accepted and loved.

As long as our efforts are anchored on preserving what we think is keeping us safe, we are not able to see our true nature, to get access to our natural wisdom, to gain a higher perspective.

When I’m talking about being safe I’m not talking about surviving when facing immediate danger, I’m talking about surviving the danger that lays in not being accepted, and all the precautions we take, that have become automatic in our subconscious. What we believe we need in order to be accepted by humanity and what we feel and think will happen if we won’t.

We don’t even notice anymore our “always on” state that is physically embedded into our body’s behavior and mind. We are always “on alert” when it comes to being accepted and loved. We check non-stop in our mind if our actions are accepted by someone that is important to us. As a result, our body is always anticipating and ready to limit its movement, being careful when it comes to being approved and accepted. Therefore we are always ready to react, and never completely relaxed.

So how can we discover our true selves?


Pick a safe place and relax. Try to find comfort in every discomfort you have, do whatever it takes to make yourself comfortable in your body.

Tune in to what is bothering you the most and allow yourself to let go of controlling that thing that bothers you. Allowing that part in you that seeks control to die. To be taken. Let it fall. Allow by choosing, not by doing. If you find it difficult or scary to choose, take a look around and see that you are safe.

Remain the only one witness standing as you let go of the need to control every mental and emotional discomfort you have. You can do this fearlessly because you know that you are in a safe place, so you have nothing to fear. Do this with every discomfort you notice in yourself. Don’t anticipate the discomfort to disappear because, for the most part, it won’t. However, try to notice the sense of ease that becomes clearer and present regardless of how you feel.

If it seems that you are already comfortable, try to relax even more as you breathe without effort. There is no limit to how much you can relax. Remind yourself that the point of this exercise is not to change anything, it is to discover. We discover by letting ourselves become more accessible to sense what is usually blocked by our attempts to control our safety and acceptance. The more you get to know your true self, the more wisdom you’ll gain about yourself when facing the difficulties of life. Eventually, you’ll see that place of ease and peace in everything coming your way.

Yours truly,

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